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Can I get AIDS this way?
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 I got hepatitis C from a nurse who bled on me and I cant find an attorney to represent me? Can anyone help?

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 2 Inheritated diseases by parents?
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 What are some ways that can prevent me from getting sick, once I already feel the cold coming on?
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 How do I sterilize laundry of a family memeber with skin staph to prevent spreading to other family members?
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 What happens when you keep drinking with cirrhosis?

 Is there a doctor in the house? need help with some pains i have been getting, causing a bit of grief?
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 How can AIDS be cured ?
give more details so that many people get the information......

 Blood Tests?
Something I saw on TV last week has made me think. If you have regular flu / colds, and are having blood tests for glandular fever, diabetes, anaemia, ME etc do they check your blood for other ...

 What are the odds of me having HIV?
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 Women Only: Be rid of yeast infection quickley?
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 I have low white blood cells count and i went for HIV test last two years and found negative?
I have low white blood cells count and i went for HIV test last two years and found negative this year,my wife got pregnant as it is compulsory HIV test she was found negative and we have a negative ...

 The peditrician said blood work showed no chicken pox but my son has the symptons and the spots.?
what do i do. the hospital says chicken pox but the doctor is insisting it could be fleas. we have no dog. can anyone give any suggestions
Additional Details
7 children in his grade also ...

Why do i have a fever but no other symptoms?
why do i have a 99.5 ever? i run 97.1 usually, i feel really hot and get cold chills. I have no other symtoms, no tummy issues, no cough or runny nose, no headache or sore throat. I did however a few days ago wake up with a stiff neck but i went to dr and he said thats all it was i can move it today but it still hurts. I feel really weak and tired too. Any ideas?

Arthur A
Could be the start of a virus. Use rubbing alcohol on your forehead it a small towel dampened, with alcohol put on your forehead , it breaks the fever. Also put on the back of your neck.

CanCan Crazii
stress?! nervous?! sorry, not a doctor....cant help you much!

Not all colds have the same symptoms. Possibly what ever is wrong with you at the moment only effects temperature.

Influenza, many different strains of this disease, ride it out, sorry for your inconvenience.

just a high fever, ring out a wet cold cloth, put it on your head and go to sleep. maybe stress from work? or to much yahoo answers ;)?

My Isabel is here! (9/25/08)
you got some kinda virus.. take some Ibuprofen and drink orange juice and get plenty of sleep and stay cool.

A fever is the bodys way of deffending its self from infection if you have no other symtoms then its possible that ur body is fighting it but for better info u should try webMD.com

No Worries. That's Summer time. everything goes OK!
Just rely on me! sir or ms!

The average normal body temperature is about 98.6° F (37° C). It usually rises during the day from a low of 97.4° F (36.3° C) in the morning to a high of 99.6° F (37.6° C)in the late afternoon.

Your body is trying to fight off some infection. If you don't have any symptoms other than this, that means it's working. Orrr the symptoms will come later. ha. So let's hope it's the first one!

Your temperature is too low for any serious worrying, thank goodness!

Remember that your temperature will probably go up if you're hot. If you are active or exercising, if you're wearing too many clothes, if you've taken a hot bath or shower, or if you've been spending time in the summer heat. As you probably already know, a bit of a temperature plus mild weakness and fatigue can be caused by too much sun. That would be a mild heatstroke. (Although not a "true" fever it is higher body temperature.) It may help to rest and drink lots of cool water, and take your temperature again in 3 hours to see how it's doing.

Two Aspirin or Tylenol may also help an actual fever. You could give that a try if the above doesn't help.

No matter what, a temperature below 100 degrees is just not a big concern for anyone over the age of 12. Keep an eye on it, and be sure to see someone if it creeps up into the danger zone (100+). Good luck! :-)

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