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 Can you get get Toxoplasmosis from a swimming pool if someone has thrown cat poo in it?
I have a revolting neighbour who throws cat poo into my pool and I am pregnant. Can this harm me and my baby? Thanks....

 How do you get rid of a fever blister?
that is on the cornor of your ...

 My 2 yr old was just diagnosed with the flu, has had a fever for over 24hr up to 104.9, fever don't seem to go
If the fever don't respond to motrin or tylanol what should i do? What are the symptoms of menengitus?...

 Small pox is there a chance of it returning?
the u.n. have been telling the u.s. and russia to destroy what stock of the virus they have, both have refused. We have no protection for this disease, as routine vaccinations for this have not been ...

 My throat hurts!?
what is the best thing for a sore throat?...

 What's my % risk of getting malaria from a 2 week holiday in the dominican republic if i take no precautions?

 I have a really sore throat, and I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to quickly get rid of it??

 Vaseline present?

 Is this dose of antibiotics too much?
I just started 500 mg penicillin vk 3 times per day for 10 days. this seems like such a large amount! is this healthy?...

 In an open mouth kiss if neither of the people are uninfected and if one of them has a partial bleeding?
In an open mouth kiss if neither of the people are uninfected and if one of them has a partial bleeding gum then can that cause hiv or aids?...

 What is Chicken Gunya?
Precautions for ...

 Have you ever had the 'flu jab'?
I had it once about 6 years ago, I was entitled as I am asthmatic and also I work with 'vulnerable' and 'at risk' people so local autorities were offereing it to their staff.

 I have strep throat. How long before I am no longer contagious?
I took the first dose of the antibiotics last night ("Z Pack"). How long do I wait until I can stop worrying about giving it to my friends, family and coworkers?...

 Me and some friends are having a Chinese dinner later...?
and u know, their tradition is to share foods using chopsticks etc. Question is one person is gay and just in case I might want to know, would aids could be transmitted in such a way, like by saliva....

 Stomach flu?
Can stomach flu be as simple as throwing up everyday for a week? Or is something else going on...I have only had other stomach flu symptoms (diarrhea) twice this past week.
Additional Details

 How to get over a cold FAST?
Hey, so listen I'm starting a new course in college next Mon and I'm coming to the end of a very bad cold. 8 days ago I developed a fever and sore throat, 5 days ago it was just the runny ...

 Im Scared to Open It.......Help!?
I got an unknown parcel in the mail, and i didnt order anything. Maybe im being stupid but im not sure if i should open it! Some sort of anthrax or somthin!...

 Hello, what are the chances of me getting chicken pox a second time?
I know it is possible to get them a second time, although it is highly unlikely. However my younger sister got them for a second time. She is thirteen and has a very bad dose. The first time she had ...

 I recently came down with a fever of 104, fatigue, swollen glans and no appetite. Do I have mono?
When i went to the doctor initially with the high fever, they did a 5 minute "Monospot" test which came up negative. The doctor felt that it probably came up negative because i hadnt been ...

 I surgery in gullbladder disease 6 years ago,but I still having pain in my abdominal part whenever I uninate.?
what can I do T...

Laura M
Which is worse- Hepatitis A, B, or C?
just wondering.

I think Hepatitis B virus:
Hepatitis B can cause serious complications to your liver specially if it co-existed with Hepatitis delta virus (which is a parasitic virus only exisits with B virus).
Hepatitis C is also dangerous and can cause liver cancer...

All? Though there is a vaccine for Hep B - not sure about A and C. Hepatitis is actually worse than HIV because it can live in dried blood for a very long time, which can infect more people, while HIV can't live outside the body.


Guess Who
A, and B are contagious, hep C is also contagious but only through contact, and hep C is the worst for liver damage.



C Hodgins Bitches !!!!!
i think c will kill ya.

Based on what I read here:


C is the most deadly. If you read that link, it tells about everything you want to know about Hepatitis.


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