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When you have the flu and a temperature...is it best to keep warm or cool?
I keep wanting to sit near the open window....but people say you should stay warm...but I'm hot! Which is right?

you can break your fever if you cause your body to get hot. sit in your bathroom with your shower on full heat with the door shut and if you have a steam vent, turn that on. sweating causes you to break the fever.

Never stay warm if you have a temp. You should open up and allow the warm air to escape from your body. It helps the temp to go down.

well ik when u have a fever and u r rly cold u should not bundle up bc u r only "feeding" the fever the warmth it needs but i am not sure in ur situation sry but i hope that helped some

You should stay as warm as you can. Warmth makes you feel worse for few minutes but then you temperature falls and you feel a lot better. It Might sound a little weird but you have to dfrink a lot of liquids and sveat as much as plousible ;]

Get well Soon ;]

Yes, I know you feel hot.
But DO NOT sit near an open window.
Keep yourself warm.
That way, you'll sweat the tempertature right off. Being cold is only going to give you strep throat & that leads to bronchitis & pneumonia... FATAL, specially here in TX.

♥The Mrs.♥
A fever is your body's way of killing a virus, you need to let it do it's job. However if your fever gets to 104 you need to go to the ER immediately. A very high fever can induce seizures and other medical problems.

the flu? influenza symptoms include a fever greater than 103. within 3 days of the onset of symptoms, see a doctor for antiviral meds! otherwise, treat your symptoms as a virus can last 3-21 days. never overheat a child -adults do what feels good.

Stay warm, you are hot because you have a fever. Let your body sweat you out so that you can get better quicker. Drink lots of fluids and go lay down. Close that window! NOW. Before you get pneumonia.

DON'T sit next to the window. control your body temp. with the clothes you wear, wear something thin and light if hot and a sweater if cold, stay at a decent room temperature

wrap up in a blanket, but keep ur head cool with like a cool wet wash cloth or something. Yes you should stay warm, but you don't want to overheat, so letting some coolness hit ya everyonce in awhile isn't guna kill you.......

You should keep warm.

MiMi Sugar
Stay comfortable if cool air makes you feel better good!!! You never cover up with a fever!!! why do you think hospital rooms are soooo cold!!! fresh air is always good!! medical field for twenty years


keep warm! Sometimes after a long sweat I actually feel better.

it think that warm would be better cause the humidity can help you feel better
And Maybe get some hot packs

definately warm because you have to make your body sweat and kill all the bacterias

warm because then you sweat the fever off and u feel much better

from experience, you should stay very warm and the fever'll go away.
but people say it's best to stay cool because having a high temperatre can distort you enzyme functioning

Try and keep warm

None Ya
Get hot really hot so you can sweat your ilness off! hope this helps ya!! <3333

keep your body cool. When I was in the hospital I had a fever and was shivering and complaining about the cold. I requested a blanket and was denied. I was told that a blanket would raise my body temp. So the you have it.

warm but not cool

Zaku Abumi
try to stay warm, your not hot your head is hot and you brain is making the rest of you body feel hot. being cool only worsens it. if you feel so hot then cover up with a thin blanket also eat some warm soup. this will help with the flu.

anytime you are sick it is good to keep warm unless you have a very high fever.. 105 or above.. The term Feed a Fever Starve a Cold. Really means Feed the fever by making yourself warmer and starve a cold by increasing your body heat.

usually to its to stay warm.
stay covered up even if you start to sweat

If you have a fever, you will feel cold and want to bundle up. This is nature's way of helping to raise your temperature. The flu is caused by a virus, and viruses become "denatured" (rendered ineffective) in high temperatures. Thus fevers are your body's way of getting rid of the virus. Let your fever rise as long as you don't let it rise much above 103 or 104 F. Ibuprofen (eg, Advil or Nuprin) can help with a very high fever and the aches and pains caused by the flu. If you feel hot, it either means your fever is "breaking" (meaning that it is done going up and is coming down), or it means that you don't really have the flu or a fever. You may just a have a cold with a very slight fever.

Well I heard it's best to sweat it out, which is why you are so hot - your body is raising its tempeture to try and get rid of the virus. Best to keep warm if you can but if you get too hot take a few minutes to cool down. But really is best to keep warm. Try taking a lot of cool drinks - not only will this keep you hydrated but it should also help to cool you down.
Sorry you're feeling miserable but hope this helps.

People say is better to stay hot and even sweat!, because sweating gets rid of all the bad stuff in your body making you get better sooner.

Well, you should avoid cold air when you have a fever, but that doesn't mean you have to pile on ten blankets if you don't feel like it. Most people with a fever alternate between chills
and feelings of being too warm. So, keep those blankets handy for the teeth chattering stages.

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