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john g
When you have an infection and your body has a fever is that good or bad?

That is not good seek medical attention as soon as poss.

♥Shortstuff ♥
A fever tells that your body has an infection, which is a good thing. Then the doctor can treat you with meds, sometimes by trial & error.

stacie b
its a good thing it means that ur blood cells are fighting the cold or whatever it is u have

I luv E's
It is actually okay for you to have fever. That means that your immune system is trying to fight off an infection. If I were you I would seek medical attention just in case you need antibiotics. Most infections will go away on their own with time. If you want to do it that way, then you can take fever reducers such as Tylenol or Motrin to reduce the fever. If you feel like it is not going away-especially if the fever does not break, please go see a doctor.

Well its kinda good and bad....you see, when you are suffering from an infection your body raises its temperature as a defense mechanisn to try to kill the bacteria causing the infection. In this aspect fever is a good thing, its a natural response which means your body is fighting the infection and your immune system is doing its job. However it is important to always keep an eye on your temperature and not to allow it to increase too much. Having a high fever can start to make you feel bad and can even be dangerous if your temperature gets to high. Our organs can deal with temperature variations but only to a certain point. If it starts to get out of hand you need to see a doctor.

CC Babydoll
fever is your body's way of fighting off diseases
a fever that is too high is bad and could cause death or damage to the body

be cool...

Jamie W
when you get a fever, it means your body is trying to fight whatever infection you may have in your system...you may want to seek medical attention

just me #1
the fever is fighting the infection, it aint dangerous til it gets to like about 103 in an adult. take Tylenol and keep a cool rag on your forehead

that depends on what you mean by infection. normally, the body defends itself with a fever. not too high though, just a mild fever to fight off the bacteria. too high and it could lead to problems including brain trauma or worse.

It is very common to have a fever with a bacterial or a virsl infection. it is your body's way of killing the foreign invader because they cannot live in high temperatures. That being said, if it gets too high (above 102) or if you are experiencing other symptoms associated with the type of infection you have, then you should go to the Dr.

kelly e
It's a good sign (generally) it means your body is trying to fight an infection and working hard (fever).
Bad because you feel lousy. Rest, drink clear fluids and take Motrin. Luke warm bath/shower.

If a fever lingers call your MD.

It is good when it is considered a "low grade" fever, which is roughly 102 degress and below. What is happening is that your body's immune system has detected the virus/bacteria, and in order to stop it, your body releases chemicals called "prostaglandins" (specifically a compound called Interleukin-2) which raise your body temperature. Since most bacteria/viruses like your normal body temperature, they usually hate the hotter temperature, which is why it is good for you when it is low grade. However, if it reaches 103 or above, you have a "high grade" fever. This is actually very dangerous since prolonged exposure to these extremely hot temperatures actually have the ability to damage the brain! If you reach this temperature for even a short amount of time, head straight to the hospital, not to the doctor's office. Hope this all helps!

Well yes, technically a fever is a good thing, it means that your body is fighting off the infection. However if your temperature gets and stays above 102 for one hour you need to seek medical attention right away.

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