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When you get sick,what kind of fluids should you drink?
i feel a lot less nautious,but i still feel weak when i was around
i would sleep,but when i do,i get really hot,but when i dont have a blanket on me,i feel cold
what kind of fluid should i drink

Rau J

the acid in it will kill the bad germs, but the good germs know the urine and they are buddies so they dont get killed.

molly s
clear,such as tea [with nothing in it] an broth [chicken or beef] and water.

♥♫♪Through the Monsoon♥♫♪

water, sprite, gingerale.

orange juice for vitamin C :)


well this might be kinda obvious, but water is the best solution, also coke

i know it sounds wierd, but some of the acids in coke kill viruses and germs

water is best to rehydrate u. otherwise try something like flat 7 up, lucozade or weak squash. hope u feel better soon my 2 daughters have been fighting over thesick bucket today but they are better this evening thank goodness

lost confused girl
when I am sick i drinking massive amounts of water (and juice). My dad has also suggested taking vitamin C tablets. So I am doing that as well. The main thing is that I am staying hydrated though. I feel so much better for it.
spirte works too

lots of orange juice and water.

Applejuice, OJ, pretty much Fruit Drinks. I strongly argue with the gatorade drinking though.

Whenever someone does that, thinking since it's better to drink than with water, they get sores in there mouth, or they just gain weight, and crash.

Only drink gatorade if you are exersizing.

I take issue with my friend above when it comes to coke leave a old coin in coke and see how nice it comes up and people drink that stuff? Water Weak tea and coffee. Broths and orange Cranberry blackcurrant juices are the best for vit c but other fruit juices are good. Yoghurt's are good too (yuck - not too fond myself unless they fruit flavoured but supposed to be good for you / your digestive tract).

Karly Marie
If your throwing up then have Gatorade and if your not drink water. Simple as that.

soda water.you may think im silly but i think it would be best.

Andrew G
It depends on the illness. Water is always good. Herbal teas are good. Drinks with low sugars are best. If you have stomach pains then low acidic drinks would be good. No orange juice or lemonade.

when its your stomach drink 7-up & orange juice

Lots of water, and 2cups i guss of 7up

Lots of water, and maybe a little chicken broth or propel.

It depends what you can keep down and how long you've been sick. If you've been sick for a more than a day and can't keep solid foods down, definitely drink some propel/broth. Be careful not to drink a lot of sugar, sugar isn't good for you when you are sick.

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
You can drink fruit juices, water, electrolyte fordifide water.

gatorade replenishes all of your electrolites and other vitamins and mionerals
also try sobe life water or vitamin water
but look for something with vitamin C
another product it called emergen-C
it gives a crud load of vitamin C and is like speed for your imune system

b w
It really depends on what your other symptoms are. If you have a diarrhea, loose watery stools, then drinking a sugary, non carbonated drink will help calm the diarrhea, people used to drink water mixed with coke syrup, so flat coke works well for calming irritated bowels. Avoid anything with fruit that might have an irritating fiber in it. If you are having just a fever and aches, then what ever sounds good, warm or cold, but no alcohol. Alcohol will just reduce your ability to fight off whatever you have. Drinking something that has food value is a good idea and will give you strength. But if food and drink just isn't going well at all, be sure to drink water. Chicken soup is good while you recover, drinking only the broth isn't a bad idea. However once you get hungry, eat easy to digest stuff if you are mostly stomach and intestine diseased. Easy to digest stuff are soft boiled eggs, toast with jam, (no butter), saltine crackers, maybe a banana and my favorite chicken soup. Then once that all goes well, move on to the more healthy stuff, like fruit juices, etc. And good vegetables and well cooked meats.

That one guy
I'd drink water but depending on what you have, gatorade.

Theraflu. Soups .Tea

water, gingerale, gatorade, sprite, somewhat natural fruit juice

billy s
water is always the best

Water. Hate the stuff myself, but it's supposed to be good for sick people.....

clear fluids
water, juice, broth

flat soda, orange juice..

they help me out :]

feel better!

Matthew D
Water is best. Ginger ale can help settle your stomach (Ginger has this ability naturally it's why it's served so often in hospitals as well).
Gatorade/Powerade can help replenish lost fluids and electrolytes.
Avoid anything harsh, like coffee of sodas.
And call a doctor!!

Water , orange juice, gatorade, and Cranberry juice.

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