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 What is the medical term for that thing that hangs in the back of your mouth?
If you open your mouth while looking in the mirror it's hanging from the top....

 Is scabies a fungi?

 Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could it be rabies??????????PLEASE HELP!!!?
A pet dog almost bit my mom.She is complaining of pain,there is a small swelling,but there is no blood.We don't know if the dog had rabies or not.What should we do??????
Additional Details<...

 Is there such a thing as a liver infection?

 Should I get a flu shot for my 8 month old baby?
My mother says no, but the news says watch out for babies and elderly. Any doctors out here?...

 Who believes in god and why???

 I believe i have the makings of a urinary tract infection, i have the constant urge to urinate?
i have the feeling to urinate even after i urinate. should i go to the hospital or make a dr.'s ...

 Do you think going to the emergency room for strep throat is necessary?
The doctor is closed. I might have strep throat. Do you think going to the emergency room is necessary? My mom is taking me but I'm not sure... What would the doctors think?...

 OMG my dad has a staph infection! what can i do to prevent getting it?
ahh! my dad has a staph infection on his hand! i dont know if its MRSA or just staph! what can i do to prevent getting it, and how will I know if i have it? thanks!...

 Why do most if not all cleaning product says it will kill 99.9 of the germs?
Where is the .1 and why is it alway 99.9?...

 Strange Symptoms?
I hadn't eaten for two days because of a busy business ordeal. A numbness is now spreading up my legs.
I had gone to the doctor and he said it wasn't serious???
Additional D...

 Every 10 seconds, someone in the world dies from AIDS.Every min, 1 new infections occour how can WE stop this?

Additional Details
i m not talking about africa only....i m talking about the WORLD =]...

 I just drank urine from a glass...?
no, it's not mine, but my girlfriends.
Anything i must worry about?...

 Sore Throat?
my thraot hurts really bad, i went to the doc. yesterday but they said it was just a virus, wich it proly is and i hav a fever but could my throat hurts so bad because of the cold wind from being ...

 Can anyone tell me some home remedy for eye infection.?

Additional Details
It is ...

 I am starting to have a cold! can i stop it?
I am starting to get a cold. Meaning i have a stuffy nose. It has been going around the work office. Is there anything i can do to stop it from becoming a full-blown cold?...

 Is mono curable???

 I need suggestions!?
I'm in home with chicken-pox, do you have any advice for me?...

 Has anybody had mumps before?

 Bedbugs what is the best way to rid yourself of these criters?

Elizabeth Z
Whats the best way to sleep when you have a cold or flu?

Sleep with pants on when you caught a cold or flu.

Drink 2 bottles of Robitussin.

in the recliner

Get a bit of lavaendar, or get a mini lavander scent cushion. and put it by your pillow, it has a relaxing affect =]

sitting up with a humidifier running

Prop your pillows up that way it is easier to breathe.
Have a couple of blankets to keep you warm.
And a sheet always helps.
Put a cough drop in your mouth before you go to bed too.
Feel better :]

One thing that helped me a lot when I had a really bad cough was that I ate a lot of honey...straight...and it had a really good effect of stopping my cough...at least until I was asleep.

I think it coated or covered those irritated parts of my lungs or something for a while.

~soon to be mommy~
vicks nyquil always does it for me. sleep like a baby!

in a bed is a good start. seriously tho, I take a hot shower, use Zicam nasal swabs, take a Tylenol and hit the sheets, works fairly well. Zicam not only clears my nose so I can breathe, it shortens the life of the cold virus.

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