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 My son is 4 yrs. old and has never had chicken pocks and a Dr. told us he has shingles. Is this possible?

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He had the vac. in 2005 and has not been around anyone with shingles. I am asking because Dr.'s are not perfect. They took 2 minutes and sent us home. He is ...

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What kind of doctor to use to treat shingles?

Your regular family doc should be able to handle that.

A general physician could help you. BUT if you wanted a specialist,an Infection Control doctor will do while the skin concern could be dermatologist.

I would start with your family physician.

Your regular physician can take care of that. They have all the materials to take a swab of it and to test and it and of course to prescribe the medications.

If they feel it has gotten to severe they will recommend a dermatologist.

Let your regular doctor assess you and determine if you need to see a dermatologist or not.

This is an internal medicine issue. Shingles is a case of leftover chickenpox that crawls up and down the nerves, causing severe pain and other horrid symptoms from time to time.

Stress and high blood pressure exacerbate shingles, so you might also set up some counseling to help you find ways to make life easier for yourself.

any Doctor that can help you...you should be in the ER...

Ruchjat K
You must go to a nerve specialist doctor because shingles is a nerve with an eruption of the skin .You can also call for a skin specialist doctor.Last I had that disease.I did not sleep well and my skin felt as if were burnt.

Your regular doctor should be able to treat it with a medication such as Acyclovir (which works wonders for cold sores as well). If this is a recurring problem that you are particularly concerned about, I would see a dermatologist.

sarah h
I think your family doctor will, or ps even a neurologists sum how cos shingles affects the path of nerves in your body. if it attacks the optical nerve that is the route its gonna take.

Shingles is also known as varicella and can be treated by your own family doctor. Basically treatment keeping discomfort to a minimum; sometimes antiviral medications help (like Valtrex) but, shingles generally has to run it's course.

Black Perl
First off, I would find out if that is exactly what you have. Useing the website www.webmd.com go to their symptoms link and type in your symptoms.Then from there i found if you google this sentence (Homeopathic Healing of Shingles) it will take you to many homeopathic ways of healing it.....Good Luck.

your own doctor will treat it, if not he will recommend a specialist.

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