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What is the first aid for vomiting?Or what is the best thing to do when you vomit?
Please say anything about it...Tips, medicine, any...I want to know how can I stop from vomiting...Thanks!

stop putting your finger down your mouth. gaterade helps. fyi good way to lose some pounds. couldnt stop vomiting for 5 days and lost 10 pounds.

The Main Man at Yahoo
Get it all out and after relax,youhave just been hard on your stomach and need to rest it. It depends what made you vomit.

Water is one of the worse things you can drink while you are throwing up as are dark colas. Try Gatorade, Sprite or 7 Up and maybe a few saltines. If the vomiting continues and your mouth continually stays dry and your urine output slows down, get to the E.R. immediately!!! Dehydration is nothing to fool around with.

Also if you have a prescription for Phenergan or Zofran (nausea meds), take them only as directed. They both work wonders.

find a toilet, relax, drink 7 up.

Stay hydrated...as much as you don't want to take anything in, it's better to have something to throw up than nothing and be dry heaving.

First of all, don't panic. Second, don't eat or drink anything for at least one hour. If vomiting continues, and you cannot keep any fluids down after 8-10 hours (for an adult), you may want to seek medical help. IV fluids will make you feel much better, as will IV medications to calm the stomach.

When I was younger my mother would give me Cola and crackers to help ease my stomach. Some people would rather use Sprite or Ginger Ale instead of Cola!

Drink fluids so you don't become dehydrated. Also if you can't stop throwing up you need to get medical attention. They will give you an injection that will stop you from throwing up. You can take OTC medicine like pepto-bismol. That should get you to stop.Don't drink juice. Just water and gatorade.

I know this sounds gross, but I always aim for the tub. There's just something about hugging a toilet that makes you want to barf even more. Besides, it's hard to miss the tub, and easy to clean. After you're done, immediately wash your mouth out with cool water. This dilutes the acid that's just washed over your teeth. This acid is very strong and can destroy the enamel on your teeth, especially if you barf a lot. Take a couple of sips of water and try to relax. If you do it again, repeat the rinse and sips of water. Usually, it only lasts a day. If it lasts longer, it may be several things and you might need to see your doctor to check out all the options. It could be the flu, which you would be given some medication that would help settle your stomache. It could be a parasite, picked up from undercooked meat or from a foreign country. It could be food poisoning, from food left out too long, or spoiled mayonnaise. You also might have a food allergy, or some other medical condition that needs a doctor's care. For regular vomiting, take a dose of Pepto-Bismol. Most times, that's all it will take, and your stomache will settle right down. Dont' eat food for at least 12 hours. When you do, make it the clear liquid variety (broth, water, juice, Sprite, weak tea, and Jell-O). After 24 hours, if you've had no more vomiting, you can start eating more solid foods, but keep the portions small. You don't want to over-load a stomache that's tossed its whole contents too soon. And take it easy for a few days. Hope this helps. <*)))><

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