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Jack O
What does it mean when your food comes back up your throat?

It means either that the food had been lodged in your throat or you are puking a little bit and it just didn't get all the way up.

Most likely reflux, or bad ulcer. If it happens often, go get it checked out to get relief and make sure it's not something more serious (parasites, cancer).

GERD. Gastro-esophogeal-Reflux Disease if it occurs more than twice a week. You can treat it and should if it is happening regulary. Sometimes it can happen if you lie down or bend over within 2 hours of a meal or eat too much. Other times it is a body dysfunction that you want to treat because it comes with a good risk of cancer. WebMD is an excellent source of info. Check it out for more information, symptoms, treatment options, etc. Good luck!

sammy f
you are getting what is called "gastric reflux," most likely. if you get it often and it is accompanied with even slight burning sensations that may worsen over time (caused by stomach acids) then you have GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). google it; there's plenty of information on it.

in my case, my GERD is caused by a "hiatal hernia" which means my stomach has managed to push its way up through the Diaphragm into the esophagus where it doesn't belong.

try not to make it worse or you'll begin to develop "ulcers" if you haven't already. ulcers are essentially internal wounds in the digestive system and you can avoid thjs by changing your lifestyle. try to avoid eating and then lying down, for example. also, try not to eat excessively. and try to eat basic, natural, down to earth foods like whole grains, fruits, etc.

Life won't Stop Nor Should U
This is called as gastric reflux.

In layman's language your Stomach is revolting at Over eating , Bad psoture or excercise or an intestinal Infection.

If it is repeatitive in nature You need to go and visit your DoctoR.

Hope that helps

I think you're talking about gastric reflux. There's good drugs available from your GP to counteract it.

You did eat too much and your stomach want to get rid of the excess food by get the food out back-wards

It can also possibly mean a problem with something called acid reflux. I would recommend seeing your dr for further evaluation to see what they think is going on.

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