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 Do u know how long it takes before somone dies ...i think my uncel has jaundice?
my uncle unfortunalty is dying i think...he is 44 and has suffered from being an alcoholic for many years. i saw him at easter andh he looked yellowish but i thought not to much of it ..beign easter ...

 Question about the bird flu?
how come we just cant kill all of the birds? and lock down our border preventing people near asia and europe who has the bird flu from spreading it

how come no one is worried about it?

 Can you CATCH A COLD just for GETTING COLD?
I've heard it everywhere, but is it true?
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 I am going to Majorca for 10 days and dont know if I need to get a vaccine for hepatitis A or not?
In the description it says ''Hepatitis A - Recommended if staying for a long duration''. Is 10 days classed as a long duration? Also why does it matter how long you are there- you ...

 My daughter has a fever and a rash?
Two days ago my daughter came down with a bit of a fever, I noticed it at 100.3... watched it till it hit 101, and I have been giving her tylenol to control the fever as she had no other symptoms... ...

 What kingdom does malaria belong to?
Explain please.
Additional Details
ugh im so confused. you all have such different answers! D;<...

 Pink eye? Anyone ever had it?
I think I have it and I want to know
how long it will last?...

 What is pneumonia?is it a kind of fever?
does it occur in all males and females?is it a common type of
disease that can be easily cured ?can you help ...

 Ok so ive been sick for a week now....????
Ok so the morning after thanksgiving so that was last friday I woke up really sick my temperature was 102.8, i had the worst sore throat ever, body aches, and chills. From then till now all ive been ...

 Would you donate your organs? if not why?
please visit my oran donation website and spread the word.

 How can I cure tonsillitis?
I have tonsillitis AGAIN! Ive been to the doctor and he didnt give me anything, I have a hideous taste in my mouth, my face/throat/neck hurts and I have tonsils the size of golf balls. Anyone know ...

 What is emo?
what does it mean?...

 A person is suffering from hepatitis B and D and also chronic hepatitis c now is he or she is prone to?
a patients is suffering from hepatitis B and D and also chronic hepatitis c ;now he is fearing that is he prone to other types of hepatitis; like hepatitia A and other types??/...

 I stuck my finger with a rusty metal brush and am 8 mos. pregnant. should i go to the dr.?
The brush was for cleaning the BBQ grill, i picked it up and it jabbed me in the thumb causing immediate bruising and just a pinch of blood. I scrubbed it with soap and water and soaked it in ...

 My partner is keeps on telling me ihave infections i have a smell what can i do to stop that?

 Can chapped hands transmit HIV?
I have hands that are chapped from the cold, but not openly bleeding. If I have HIV and touch things with my chapped hands, can I give it to others?...

 Give me two examples of communicable diseases.?

 True or False? Everyone exposed to the flu virus will get sick?
Why/Why not?

Thanks for answering! ♥...

 Can you get strep throt when you DON'T thave your tonsles?

 Serious health issue with my 9 year old son?
My son started with severe diaherra and vomiting with no fever on the 9th of Novemeber. I called the peditrician and they said it was probably viral so if he wasn't better by the following M...

What do you do when you cant control a childs fever by meds?
My son is 3 years old..He went to the doctor this morning and his fever was 102.3 all day it has been jumping between that and 103. I have been alternating between Tylenol and Motrin ever few hours. But it doesnt seem to be taking care of the issue. He is sleeping alot and drowling like crazy..I am not sure of what to do because this is the first time dealing with this. He has wet afew times..but his lips are dry. Drinking is very limited. And he has not ate anything all day..

I would take him back to the doctors. I do not mess around with my children's health. Specially so young!
A child who has a fever (like everyone else) are cooking on the inside.
Some may say 103 is not big deal but for me it is a fever. There are reasons for fever.
Good luck!

Take him to the ER or call your doc asap (I'd prefer ER as the doc sent your child home). They'll probably give him a higher dose of Motrin and Tylenol, but they'll also monitor for a few hours and check for other symptoms you might not have noticed.

For future reference, for lower fevers, give your child a cool bath and keep him/her dressed in light weight clothes. Try putting a cool wet compress on their forehead and/or back of neck and be sure to really pump the fluids. But for now, get your child seen again right now.

Mt ~^^~~^^~
He's just feeling really lousy! I'm sorry. I hated this when my kids were young. I use to bath them in a luke warm bath and dribble water on them. That was when the fever was higher, like 104 or so. You could keep damp wash clothes in the freezer and let him place them on his head or where ever it may feel good to him. His fever will break Be careful about the Motrin and Tylenol, very bad for his liver if he's taking too much. Try to give him liquids, gatoraide, even 7 up if you have to. He needs liquids if anything.

Your son desperately needs a saline IV. Take him to the ER and tell them that he's dehydrated. All the Tylenol in the world won't help him if his body doesn't have proper fluids. Best of luck sweetie.

Go to the emergency room immediately.

Country girl
Try to get him to drink cool liquids especially pediolyte if possible and have him soak in a luke warm bath to help bring down the fever. Also dress him in light weight clothes and remove excess blankets that hold the heat in on his body. The air circulating around him will help to radiate some excess heat away from his body.

well it sounds like he is getting dehydrated,you really need to get him to drink something maybe pedalite or 7-up or sprite.Sounds like he has a viral infection.My daughter used to get fevers all the time with tonsillitis.I say A nice bath not to cold just luke warm.I would also keep an eye on him thru the night every few hrs wake him up and take his temp and try to get him to take a sip of something .If he is still running a high fever in the morning go to the Dr or Er.Hope he feels better real soon.

I have a 5 year old and we just went through this a few weeks ago. His fever also bounced between 102 and 103. The doc said to do exactly what you're doing -- alternate Tylenol and Motrin. Also, see if he will take a popsicle -- that's a fluid, too! The doctor said if he had not urinated within 8 hours to run -- not walk -- to the ER as it is a certain sign of serious dehydration. Doc says eating is not a big concern, but drinking is. However, anytime I am concerned about my son's health, I unapologetically call the doc or go to the ER. Always better to be safe than sorry. other things we did was put cold rags on his head; I also heard rubbing alcohol on a child's body helps as it evaporates and picks up heat in the evaporation.

He is most likely dehydrated and if the fever is persisting, he has some sort of infection going on. Take him to the ER. They'll be able to trace down what is going on and will get him antibiotics as appropriate.

In the mean time, keep him cool by tepid baths, cool cloths to the forehead, neck, under his arms and in his groin. If a child's temp raises too high for too long (over 105 or so), he will have seizures. This is a defense mechanism that little ones have in order to stave off brain damage. BUT they can be highly dangerous.

Not trying to be alarmist, but if you can't get the fever to break with conventional methods, he needs to get some higher power meds and he needs fluids and an antibiotic...

put him in a bath of luke warm water to cool his body down. continue with alternating between the two fever reducers. make sure he is not over dressed. any liquid he likes to drink will do to keep him hydrated. try popsicles my kids liked those. if all else fails take him to the doctor or emergency room. hope i helped. good luck!!!

take him to the emergency room. He is probably dehydrated.

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