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 I have strep throat, but have been on antibiotics for a day. Can I kiss my girlfriend and not give it to her?
Ok...so I started taking antibiotics Wednesday at 2:00 PM...Im supposed to see my girlfriend tommorrow one last time before she goes on a weeklong vacation, and I wont be able to talk to her pretty ...

 Should i go back to the doctor? (strep throat)?
Okay my throat has ben killing me for a week i ignored it the first 2 days then the third day I went to the ER and the doctor diagnosed me with tonsilities... 2 days later i didnt get any better so i ...

 This HIV/AIDS issue, are we really tackling it? Is it receiving the right attention?
So much resources and energy are being devoted to the scourge, yet reports indicate a worsening situation all around the world! Are the appoaches right?...

 Hi , i have played with my eyes a little and now they got infection,i cant open my eyes in morning?
and they have became red and they burn. what can i do? what medicine should i use and how? please help me. the skin around my eyes are also burning and they have dried ....

 I've got the flu shot, could I have the flu?
Several weeks ago I got a flu shot in the UK but I'm now on holiday in the US and am sick with flu-like symptoms. Are the vaccines in the UK and the US the same? Is there any chance that I'...

 Can AIDS spread through mosquitoe like malaria does?
Can the mosquito spread the AIDS virus as it can spread the malaria from one infected to the other....

 Even if i got the flu shot can i still get the flu?
i got sick last week but today i work up with a fever pains everything! help ...

 Sore Throat?
Over the past couple of days I've developed a cold and my throat is killing me...I repeat KILLING ME! Does any one have any good remedies when it comes to relieving sore throats?I've tried ...

 What does having extreme Yellow urine mean?

 Unexplicable tiredness...Does anyone know what it could be? What can I do for it?
About two months ago, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis, but even then, my doctor told me that I was in the "recovery phase". Omg, this tiredness can not still be from that can it? Shouldn&...

 Why can't viruses be defeated by pills?
why dont we still have any cure for viruses other then our own immune system?...

 I've had a cold, can I go and see my friend's baby?
I had a touch of a cold on Sunday & Monday - a bit sniffly and a sore throat. I feel fine now, just took in lots of Vit C to boost my immune system. Will I be okay to visit my friend and her 6 ...

 Is pink eye contagious?
my sister has it and im scared that i will get it too so can i get it for just being next to her or breathing the same ...

 May i know how to cure mumps?

so my friend has mono, i dont wanna get to close to her what do i do?!?
Additional Details
thank u, how long does it last???...

 Do you think the flu shot is worth the expense?
I have never once gotten a flu shot, and although I have a very poor immune system, I have only gotten the flu once in over 10 years. However, I know that's not the same for everyone.

 Is adhd contagious.?
If it is can you tell me how because I need to know. Answer A.S.A.P ...

 What have i caught?
i havnt been feeling well for a couple of days but this morning i woke up with a stabbing head ache, aching joints, ear ache, really sore throat, swollen glands and no taste. Iv pretty much stayed in ...

 Is strep throat contagous?
just wondering.....

 My friends sick?
with like flu or a cold. im not sure. she said she was shivery and had a sore throat. anyways. she was saying she might not come to school, so if she doesnt, how can i make her feel better just like ...

What do YOU do when you feel the flu coming on?
do you reach for Vit C,paracetomol.....??
what do you take when you feel it coming on?

dose up on cold&flu tablets then do all the jobs that i need doing for the next day in case i feel bad in the morning.

paracetamol, hot drinks, warm blankets and a friendly dog. zaps it every time.

call the doctor because you can get meds to reduce the symtoms and length of the flu. it is called Tamiflu.

El Cid
If it's really flu you've got by the time you're feeling the symptoms, it's too late to do anything. The best thing is to go to bed and drink plenty of fluid, keep warm and wait for your body to recover.

Elisabeta Disupremo
Vitamin C, lots of fluid and bed for 24 hours if I can manage it, then a hot shower and I feel fine.

Kevin M
I double up on the Vit C (I normally take 500mg a day so I go to 1000mg), make a big pot of chicken soup (actually a miracle drug of its own), take Tylenol Cold And Flu and drink lots of water. Oh and sleep alot.

load up on fluids and sleep

Northern Lad
Go to the pub and get smashed. Works everytime :-)

I tend to swear! Then i decide no matter how much medication im going to take, its still going to develop, so i just dont take any at all!! The flu usually lasts about 3 days with me, the 3rd being the worst, then i can tell my immune system is fighting it off, as on the 4th day im usually feeling better! I believe no matter how many pills or vitamin C, or the millionth bowl of soup you take, it wont make a difference! Its going to develop in your system, and then once its fully developed your immune system will kick in and kill it off!

nothing, i just wear a thick t-shirt to bed and try and sweat it out of me

regards x kitti x

I take Ester-C, drink lots of tea, Tylenol and early to bed.

Red Dave
I,m a man so man flu means plenty of whisky & retreat to bed for a week or so.

Fiona Y
Do you mean real flu or a bad cold? With a bad cold I would throw every remedy in the book at it in an effort to try and dry it up so I could get back to normal asap. With real flu, which most of us will only experience once or twice in a lifetime (thankfully) I am lucky if I can stagger to the kitchen to get a glass of water... I would basically sleep as much as possible and take Paracetamol. Not much else you can do....

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