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What can u do if u have yeast infection?

eating plain natural yoghurt helps with all yeast infections.

go to rite aid, and buy something for it

Take medicine and eat yogurt. You can also buy things over the counter at local store for yeast infections.

Get Monistat over the counter at the drug store or wal-mart. Follow directions. It usually works.

buy Monistat cream over the counter and use the entire 7 days.Have your partner use a condom during this time.If it reoccurs then he needs to be checked.

Yogurt does not eat the yeast infection. You get a yeast infection by a couple of reasons. Lack of cleaniliness, lack of air circulation ( if you were tight underwear, tight pants or pantyhose a lot ), if you are sick, or if you need to take anitbiotics. You normally have yeast in your ' area '. A yeast infection is candida ( usually ) gone wild because the acidity in the ' area ' has changed. It usually will be less acidic for a yeast infection to occur. Yogurt with active culture ( that's important ) like L. Acidophilus or L. bifodolphilus helps to restore your normal acidity. Eating it is good. I have also heard of inserting yogurt ( you will need an introducer for this. An introducer is usually provided with a tube of Ortho-Gynol II contraceptive gel or cream ). Over the counter Monostat should work fine, but, I am allergic to Monostat. Don't laugh at this, but, it works. Take a Clove of Garlic and wrap it in a small piece of cheesecloth. Now, try it all up with a piece of dental floss. Leave a long string of dental floss hanging. Now, crush the Clove of Garlic in the cheesecloth by pressing it with the heel of your hand on a counter. Now, insert and leave overnight. Do this for 7 days and don't do any ' hanky-panky ' ( At least not any that involves that ' area ' ). Remove in the morning by pulling out by the dental floss ( make sure it's wrapped up real securely ). Now, don't get wierded out. After about 1 hour after insertion, you will taste Garlic. That is because of the chemical nature of the garlic Oil. It's very close structurally to the universal solvent ( This isn't all that important with the technical stuff ). This a very safe, naturopatic remedy that I have used during my pregnancies.

Good luck.

eat yogurt & buy some Monistat, not the one day, doesn't work that well, use a 3 day

Definitely eat more yogurt because the bacteria in the yogurt eat the yeast. For medications - you can try over-the-counter Monistat. However, if you are pregnant, I would advise making an appointment with your OB/gyn to make sure its nothing more serious. Also, if you are not pregnant but getting frequent yeast infections, you should talk to your doctor about this problem.

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