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 My daughter has Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)- please help?
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What are the side effects of a staff infection?

Shadrick Droxx
If you have it and not doing anything about it, I suggest you go to your doctor immediately!!

Last winter I had something on my side, right on my ribcage, that I thought was a spider bite. It got larger and more painful after three or four weeks. It felt like a golf ball under my skin.

Eventually I started to feel feverish and sick. A day after those symptoms began the massive bumb burst open and began to puss. There was a small hole on the center of the bump. It was a ligitimate hole in my side that oozed with puss.

You see I was an idiot and ignored it until now. I thought it was going to go away, but alas it go WAY worse. I was terrified at the sight of the wound and I finally went to my doctor

She told me I was lucky to have my health. The infection was right above a rib. I was lucky my ribs and lungs did not get infected as well.

The doctor put me on antibiotics and I had to drain the wound several times a day. Within a month the wound closed and all that is left is a small scar.

I was dumb and did not do anything about this and it was almost too late. I suggest if you or someone you know might have the slightet symptoms. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!!

Staphylococcus is group of bacteria, familiarly known as Staph, that can (and do) cause a multitude of diseases.
Staph infection can be simple and localized, such as with impetigo of the skin. It can, however, become widespread, by infecting the blood. It can thereby seed to various areas of the body, such as the bone, kidneys, or heart. This spreading occurs more commonly in persons with abnormally suppressed immune systems.Scalded skin syndrome is a potentially serious side effect of infection with the Staph (Staphylococcus) bacteria that produces a specific protein which loosens the "cement" holding the various layers of the skin together. This allows blister formation and sloughing of the top layer of skin. If it occurs over large body regions it can be deadly (just like a large surface area of the body having been burned)

That Depends on what you mean..
Has the staff infection been treated?
Is it going on without medication?
Or have you started Antibiotics you havent finished which could lead to a super infection.
Untreated staph can cause so many different effects if its on your face it may be rashes in your mouth,sore throats and other things.
Staph can invade your skin at any time, through minute openings. (it may just infect certain parts of you)Occasionally, athletes get strep/staph infections following heavy exercise.Some Staph can produce a toxin which can result in different syndromes, the best known being Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Anyway,there are so many possibilities you absoulutly need to consult your doctor and have a culture done.
Hope I helped.

Go to webmd.com and type staph{correct spelling} infection into search box

If you are asking about symptoms?

You have weakness, fatigue, pain, swelling, and possible local infections like boils and blisters, along with accompanying fever. These are all how you know your body is trying to fight almost any infection but the boils and certain skin rashes mean staph. You might also have nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as your body tries to expel the poison.

Lasting effects...include a permanent weakened immunity to that bacteria in the future. As in...if you have a staph infection, you are very likely to get them in the future at some point. It is usually just versions of the bug that got you before. You colonize some of it in your body after that, so your body doesn't recognize it as an enemy as easily. These are the ones that survive antibiotics treatment...and then mutate in your body to hit you again next time you are run down or have a cut, etc.

Something to know about staph is that people with AIDS (due to weakened immunity) and diabetes (due to poor circulation) can get them very easily. Toxic shock syndrome is also a staph infection...complete overload of staph on the body past the point of being able to fight it. It can be deadly...you hear about this mostly from misuse of tampons, so it happens mostly to women. But it is a possibility anytime any local infection goes systemic (through the whole body). It is also common to get them in hospitals...of all places. This is why we should be so careful that elderly or people with mobility problems don't get bedsores.

You can google MRSA (multiple resistant staph infection) or any of these other keywords and get images that show you what it sometimes looks like.

Can't think of one aside from the infection can return,and when it does it will be much stronger,so different antibiotics will have to be used. (it's Staph) sounds like staff

twitching, nausea, loss of sleep, etc.

yellow eyes and skin in bad cases
swelling of area, hot and red and burning
a red line creeping up the arm/leg, etc..
easy to bruise, turning into a sore weeping staph
loss of balance
can't see at night
very tired

Death loss of arm leg area infected

Infections do not have side effects. A "staff" infection is one caused by the staphlococcus aureus bacterium. It's nomally shortened to "staph". Such infections are characterized by redness at the site of the infection, moderate pain, and usually pus. I hope this helps.

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