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What are the chances of catching hep c when sharing needles with a carrier? what if the needle was cleaned?

lil pit cat 71
i was lucky because im ammune but my husband got it and had to do 6 months worth of treatment he is now in remission.chances are pretty high you got it !!we found out its not the needle its the spoon.sorry man.spread the word not many know but you can get it from sharing staws too.use clean spoon,clean rig and try not to share.

Hep C is spread from blood to blood contact and the most common way of contracting it is the use of contaminated needles. So, if you are thinking about doing it, don't. and if you've already done it, get tested. Chances are very good that you've contracted it if you already used the needle. Good luck.

A lot of cases of Hep C are contracted through sharing needles. Don't do it. Please.

Very good. If you like to try it you on the right highway to heaven [or hell]. You have chances to meet the Mr.HIV, Mr.C and Mr.B. Good luck

yo mom
Chances are VERY favorable for you!
Any left behind blood, INVISIBLE to your eye can get into your blood stream and multiply.
You are NOT suppose to even share a toothbrush or Razor owned by someone with Hep. C. Less that a drop can get into your system. And even IF it looks clean, there still can be blood contamination.

dear, all it takes is one drop of blood-so small that you can't see it with a naked eye! this includes a cleaned and DRIED syringe! Hcv can reconsitute once liquid is re-introduced. This can happen even if it's been dry for 18 days!
your chances of catching Hcv as well as other diseases are extremely high!

Also, if your shooting drugs, you've probably already snorted too. I'd say if your not Hcv infected already due to just snorting, you've probably got it now!

Diana D
Hi Sweetie,
Chances r very high, & when u say the needle was cleaned, unless it was with Javex several times, it wasn't cleaned at all!
Javex is the only liquid that would kill a
HEP C decease. Sorry. U shudn't be sharing needles period!

LOL, Diana D

As a nurse in a hospital, I know there is NO effective way to clean a needle....Even if you attempted to sterilize it you would risk a poke with an affected needle. The disease is contracted through bodily fluids, especially blood. This is why sharing needles is such a dangerous behavior. The disease shows no symptoms, frequently, and the ONLY way to know if you have it is to have a blood test done. It can cause very serious and deadly liver disease, including cancer and death.

Sharing needles is like playing russian roulette. Don't do it!!!!

Please get tested!

It is blood borne and can be spread by sharing a needle. Your chances of contracting it depends on how well the needle was cleaned, and in my opinion, it can never be clean enough...But what is the difference if your chance is 10% or 100%.... Anytime you share anything that is exposed to blood/body fluids of a HepC + person, (including shaving razors or toothbrushes), you are risking infecting yourself!
NEVER risk this, always use a fresh or your own personal, private needle, don't share prep materials either.
The CDC estimates that 60 % of all new hepatitis C cases are from injection drug use!
Here is a link, please read it!
and another:

p.s. this includes snorting/ inhalation when straws are used!

billy s
20 yrs ago I did needles and got careless.I got HEPC foom that.Be careful buddy your playing with the devil.Be careful.I just lost a friend to a drug overdose 2 weeks ago and I miss him terribly.

for me the chances were 100%

Chances are very high. Unless you cleaned the needle in an autoclave, the likelihood of the virus being killed is low. Hepatitis C virus (Hcv) is a very hearty virus, which is able to live outside the human body for up to four days, which is why it is so contagious and dangerous. Sharing needles, even ones that have been cleaned with alcohol or bleach, is the most common means of transmitting the virus from one person to another. I recommend you get tested. Hcv antibodies appear in the blood 2-24 weeks after exposure. There are usually no symptoms with Hcv, which is why so many people can have it for years, even decades without being diagnosed. If you must use IV drugs, new works should be used each time. I'll spare you the "just say no" speech, as I'm sure you're completely aware that IV drugs are risky & dangerous. Best wishes.

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