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Very tickly cough keeping me up at night .. please HELP..?
I have tonsilitis (diagnosed by doctor). i think its viral. My cough is very persistent and extremely tickly, and sometimes causes me to retch because its so tickly. My sleep keeps getting interrupted by coughing fits.

What can I use in my kitchen cupboard tonight to soothe it?

If you dont know of any home made remedies, please can someone recommend an over-the-counter cough medecine that REALLY works? I'll pick one up tomorrow morning.

I am in the UK.

Additional Details
Hi cadpah, i only ever sleep on my sides

this sounds like how my flu started about 4 days ago. Hopefully thats not it. The only thing would probably be Robitussin or Nyquil cough without going to a doctor.

One of the best remedies for a tickly cough is honey........combined with lemon (which cuts through any phlegm) and Ginger which warms the throat

Vicky L
I've always found that if I make a nice hot cup of tea and add some honey to it, it makes my throat feel much better. I would suggest that you try that. Honey is very soothing and so is tea, so I would bet that you, too, will find some relief from this.

gargle with diluted TCP

Honey and lemon warmed up lines the throat

Try vapor-rub on the bottoms of your feet, then put socks on, before bed. Sounds funny, but works for kids, so worth a try.

My Dad swears by Veno's. He stands next to it saying "this is bl***y brilliant".

Actually now I come to think of it, it may not have been Veno's now I've read some of these other names. I shall have to investigate and make a note somewhere for my own good never mind anyone else's. Whatever it is, everyone should have a bottle in their cupboard. Must go away now & find out.

RICOLA Swiss herbal lozenges ARE excellent, though.

consume syrup bena+pred or syrup cofcare
avoid taking spicy ansd sour food

So unfortunate. I agree with the hot tea and honey idea. Enough tea will make you drowsy, and you will be able to get a good night's sleep. You may sleep better if you go downstairs and sleep sitting more or less in an upright position in one of your most comfortable chairs. I have a recliner in our living room and sleeping in a somewhat upright position keeps the impulse to cough at bay so much better than trying to sleep in a bed when you have this sort of thing.

khalid a
i came from a long way ,my grand mother always says warm extra virgen olive oil ,and trust me you will be thankfull for my grand mother
hope you get well

You probably won't get much relief from conventional cough medicines, because the usual cause is post-nasal drip. You need a nasal Decongestant to stop this. Consumer Reports "OnHealth" recommends Benadryl-D or Triaminic Cold & Allergy. If you don't have those brands in the UK, ask your pharmacist for a nasal Decongestant.

Do you sleep on your back? I think sleeping on your side might help.

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