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Should you let a fever take its course?
When you've got a fever, is it better to let it take it's course (and supposedly kill off germs) or is it better to take medicine to reduce it? Thanks for any suggestions.

Jennifer I
i say take medicine but not alot alot when i got a fever and let it cure itself it only got worse 2 the point i had 2 go 2 the hospital and stay over night and it went up 2 102.7 yeah its a radio station yup its funny but not funny when you get it

I've let it run it's course several times b/c I didn't have insurance. I'm still alive. My worst stint lasted about two weeks. lol

Be happy or live miserable.
Yes it is. You can take tyenol or Motrin to help with the pain but a fever does help kill that's how it works

Medicine because you could actually die from a pretty bad fever. Your Welcome.

let it run its course

Rachel L
You shouldnt let your fever get above 102. if its that high you should take some Tylenol to reduce the fever and drink plenty of fluids.

Terry J
a low grade fever is ok.... ie: <100, but any returning fever above 100 that is unexplained and uncontrolled needs to be checked by a doc

take a little medicine and lots of water all the time. get lots of rest and dont eat dairy. you should get better.

if it is not high than yes, fever helps your body get back to normal quicker, it help you get better faster. if it is high than take something, i would say 102 and up take something, if below just leave it. u can trust me cuz i know this for a fact.

take a semi warm shower (not hot, but not cold either). It should take down the fever. The purpose of the fever is the bodies way of killing a virus.

Depending on your temp. you should just let it take its course so you body has a chance to build an immunity to what ever virus is causing it. Though you may try a cold cloth on the head or the back of the neck as well as a cool bath, not cold as you may shock your system.

take some Advil and let it run its course

If the fever is high you may want to take Tylenol to keep it down a bit... My daughter had a fever of 105, and ended in the hospital and thats what they did for her ...Tylenol...

medicine you get from your JP is always the LAST option, why? because they are synthetic not natural which means they always come back it has side effects , it only solves at that time the case (if you lucky)suppresses it, but also damages a whole lot more .. natural course yes! if you can and if you are strong enough and have the knowledge what is going on in your body , when you can fight it the naturally why of course you should! you will teach your body .. and it is prepared for the next time ( its archived in your brain ) so you will always from than on being immune for that virus. Not so with chemical solutions .. be very aware !and cautious! to ''practice or taken medical = unnatural body medicines... its a temporary solution it doesn't cure !! keep that in mind ..

Johnny Blaze
If it gets too high or lasts too long, then fight it off. But fevers are good for your immune system and fighting germs, so if i'ts not too high, just find a way to cool down and sweat it out.

Its better to try and reduce the fever because then if it gets too high then you could end up having a seizure. It happened to my son when his fever got too high and I had to have him hospitalized for it.

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