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 Is strept throat contagious?

Should i go back to the doctor? (strep throat)?
Okay my throat has ben killing me for a week i ignored it the first 2 days then the third day I went to the ER and the doctor diagnosed me with tonsilities... 2 days later i didnt get any better so i went to another doctor and she diagnosed me with strep throat.. and gave me a shot and some capsules to take every 8 hours. its ben 24 hours since the shot and 3 cappsules and my throat still is hurting the same, should i be a little worried?

I wouldn't worry, but you should at the very least call the more recent Dr. and let her know how you feel. Strep does not heal on it's own - you may need stronger meds.

Anthony D
No give it time! Most pills will take 5 days before you start feeling better

no see one more doctor and don't worry i had strep thought and it went away also try honey with sugar lemon and water

Caylie M
I would see if you wake up tom. with your throat hurting. If it still does I would call your doctor

yes ,but give it a day or two more if u can. if still no better go back to doctor.follow ur instincts if things really seem wrong. dont wait

James M
You will get no relief from Antibiotics, because those only work on bacteria, and not viruses.

Try this home remedy to get rid of a sore throat. Ive used this for over 30 years and it works every time to rid of a sore throat.

Take 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil or Mineral Oil plus one Clove of Garlic into your mouth. Do not swallow it.

Then chew that Garlic Clove for at least 15 minute until ever bit of it has been chewed and then some. Swish it back towards the tonsils a few times too. Then spit the stuff out.

You will be most amazed, in a hour or two gone will be your sore throat. I have done this many times and so have my friends and it works ever time.

Doctors can do you zero good on a viral attack to your body. Those need the body's immune system to make you better and any sort of home remedy relief is the best during that time including my suggestion above and chicken soup which are better than any pills a doc gives.

That's weird. You should go back to the doctor because not only is it hurting you, it may hurt others since its a virus and other people can catch it. Make sure your doctor gave you antibiotics. That only took a week for my strep throat to go away when I used antibiotics. If not, ask.

Rennis Garigin G
No, my advise is to keep taking the medicine the doctor gave you. Some medicine must build up in your system before you can experience any change in the germs it is trying to kill. This is what is called: having a half-life. Once the medicine has built up, it now has the strength to fight the invading germs. Also keep in mind that strep throat is VERY CONTAGIOUS. All the dishes you drink and use should be handled with care.

I would say if you don't feel any better when you wake up tomorrow (or can't sleep because it hurts too much) then go back. Antibiotics do take a little time to kick in, but if it's strep you should start to feel a little better after 48 hours.

Master Chef T.
no it takes atleast 48 to 72 hours to fell better!

It takes a few days for medicine to go into affect. When you're first diagnosed with Strep, you should have been told that you're still contageous for at least two days, then there's a few more days when the disease is still winding down. It took me about five days to get over mine when I started the medicine.

It's going to take more than 24 hours for the antibiotics to start making you feel better. That doesn't mean they aren't working - they are - you just haven't felt the effects yet. You should start to feel at least a little better in another day or two.

Strep throat can be VERY painful. I've only had it once, but it put me to tears...felt like an ice pick stabbing me in the throat. They actually gave me pain pills, and I needed them.

Maybe you could call your doctor back and tell her that your throat is very painful and you need something for the pain. You can also buy some Chloroseptic, which is an over the counter spray. You spray it in the back of your throat and it numbs it. It is the best OTC med I've used. Other than that you just have to wait for the antibiotics to do their job. Good luck.

it takes 48 to 72 hours for the antibiotic to kick in before it feels better
don't forget your throat was sore for 5 days before you began treatment
be thankful you didn't get scarlet or rheumatic fever which are complications of strep bacteria in the throat
be sure to ask your doctor how long after you finish the antibiotics you should go for a repeat culture to be sure the strep is gone if it was strep at all you didn't mention a culture initally being done
if it is viral antibiotics will not cure the sore throat just prevent a secondary bacterial infection which sometimes occurs
a viral sore throat can take a week to feel better but keep taking the antibiotics until you finish them just in case although antibiotics should only be used with a positive for bacteria culture since your body can build up a resistence to them and they might not work when you really need them if they are prescribed too often

meanwhile eating cold foods and cold drinks will soothe your raw throat
also try gargles of warm salt water

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