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eugene d
People suffering from incurable disease should have the choice of being put in painlessly to death?
do you agree or disagree and why?

No, there should never be a time when people are put to death because of an incurable illness, because that is murder, nor do i believe in euthanasia, at some point there could be a cure or help for the most seriously ill, and you never know when that might come. I believe in the sanctity of life and would never want someone being put out of their misery.

Jodie Chaput
No, just lots of Morphine, the ppl who love them whould not want them to die :

Gordon B
A v e r y difficult question to answer - but, on the other hand, if Man lives by faith, 'he'll lose his life, but will regain his soul'.

We all suffer from an incurable disease! It's called living, and if people are such cowards, and cannot face the consequences of how they lived their life, then by all means give them a painless death. Although It wouldn't be my wish for them. As for me, I have no fear of dying, painfully or otherwise, it will be my just desserts.
No I am not full of myself, just confident of a good death.

Im not sure what you are getting yourself into here. People have been debating this topic about euthanasia for donkeys years. Equal people agree as disagree.

Joie Ange
Agree with palliative treatment (not with active euthanasia).
We are the king of our own body.

I agree it's thier choice,if it is an incurable disease,yes,they're the ones suffering in pain once medicine cannot do anything for them anymore,why keep them suffering until thier body decides to give away? But only for the incurable types.

The people that disagree have never lost someone very close to them.Or they are very cold hearted.

susie boz
It is cruel to let an animal suffer pain and die a slow,painful,horrible death.I don't see why it isn't cruel to do the same to a human being.If I was in pain,with no cure,and was going to die anyway,I would want to be put out of my misery.I think people should be allowed a choice.

Agree BUT with many restrictions and regulations, so that it is not abused, and we do not enter a 'culture of death' where elderly patients feel they are a nusiance and should do the 'honoruable thing' and be put to death:

- disease must be incurable

- must be affecting quality of life

- patient must be fully aware of choice being made

- request must be persistent, well-informed and consistent with medical data

- not all doctors required to administer drugs (i.e. matter of conscience, like abortion)

- all other options exhausted, i.e. a last resort

- no one is pressured into taking this option

- palliative care has been offered

XxX Angel XxX
i think you should be able to choose its a personnel choice if you know you are dieing and its going to be pain full i do think its down to that person i understand all the views that have been said but it would be my choice and no one else's

I have watched family members die slow pain full deaths from terminal cancer, it was so hard to see them in so much pain. That is not "living" in any sense of the word, what i witnessed was toucher . I see NO reason why some one who is in such horrible pain shouldn't be given the option of choosing when and how they end there suffering.

I would much rather die painlessly than die slowly and painfully. I would like that choice if I was in that situation.

Jayne p
I strongly agree. After witnessing the distressing scene when my father in law died. I would not want my children to go through the same thing with me. I would wish their last memories of me to be good and happy ones, not listening to a loved one crying out in pain, feeling helpless and wishing for it all to end.

it's called euthanasia. agree.

I think yes. My husbands gran has just passed away after seven years of living in a nursing home, not recognising her loved ones because of Alzheimers. People should have the right to end their lives with dignity not having someone wipe their backside or spoon feed them their food.

Absolutely. If they choose to die, assisted or by thier own hand, it's 100% their business and their right. Why? Because human life is sacred. Because a human being has at least as much right to compassion and decency as a feral cat.

No one has any right to interfere in such a matter. And if someone is suffering, terminally or not, they should have Morphine, marijuana et al, and be treated with dignity and respect.

I'm assuming the person wishes to die. No one should be pressured to 'make way for the young.' Sometimes we treat our elderly as if their lives are less worthy. That's equally wrong.

A few years ago I read about a woman denying her mother, who was dying in agony of ovarian cancer, narcotic pain pills because, "I will not have my mother be a drug addict." (That's a direct quote from the newspaper article; i'ts engraved in my memory, unfortunately.)

My mother died of lung cancer. Had she needed marijuana or an illegal narcotic drug--if it would have eased her--I would have gotten it for her.

"I believe in the sanctity of life and would never want someone being put out of their misery." --A morally indefensible position. I find it terrifying.

I became an organ donor at 19. I've ensured that my body will not be kept alive if the electoencephalogram shows flat. Any usable organs will be donated; the rest will be used for medical research. I want that hospital bed to go to someone who needs it. I'll have no money wasted on costly death rituals such as emblaming, funeral, burial. Those who love me know I want any money they would spend on such things to go to charities, specifically to abused children and the homeless. And they have sufficeint respect for me, above all for humanity, to respect my wishes.

The thought of all the money it would cost to keep my body alive when I'm no longer there--especially when there are people who are denied decent healthcare because they live below the poverty line, of my body tissue being wasted in burial when it could help others appalls me. I've never feared death, so I can speak of it, of my own at least, dispassionately. I have other phobias.)

Yes I do agree because there is nothing worse than dying in pain I would like to be die painlessly if I knew the disease I had was incurable but other people might disagree..

Good question to ask

I think old people should have the choice for sure, who would seriously want to see out their last days dribbling in a chair?

mr bigs
People should be helped to live-modern medicine may not have all the answers & the patient may not have explored alternative therapy,which could go onto saving their lives.
Some medical problems are curable , in some cases medical doctors dont recognize a problem because they are poorly trained in that area of disease.

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