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My son who is seven has a 103.8 fever is that dangerous and should I take him to the emergency room he has had
a fever for the past three days it has ranged between 101-102 today it has gone all the way to 103.8 and I am worried everybody has told me to wait for it is common in children to have fevers he is coughing not alot and doesn't have any kind of pain should I worry and take him to the hospital or should I wait

Yes you need to take him in, that is to high. Give him fluids and take him to the ER please....

Sandy A, RN
I would take him to the ER since he has had this fever plus a cough for 3 days. He can have some Tylenol(Acetaminophen) for the fever and a cool cloth or covered ice pack on the back of his neck. I would reccomend the ER ASAP though. While fevers are common in kids, your son is getting older and this fever concerns me. I won't even venture a guess on what it is because there is a multitude of viral and bacterial things it could be. Take him just to rule out the more serious things. Good luck!

Yes, take him straight to the hospital. It could be an internal infection. That high of an infection could cause severe brain damage, and also death. Put a cool cloth on his forehead, and give him lots to drink.

When both my daughters were young, they would run fevers up to 105. You can imagine how scarry that was. Just keep giving him fluids and Advil for tonight. Check on him every few hours. If he is still running a fever in the morning. Take him to your regular doctor. If the temp jumps as high as my girls did, take him to emergency. Do not put heavy clothing on him!! Unless he gets the chills, that is. Just keep the house a comfortable temperature. Above all, relax. These things happen. You are doing a great job!!

Don't wait!Take him to the Emergency Room. It is better to have this checked and for it to be nothing, than something serious that needed to be taken care of. A fever of 103.8 is bad enough. The fact that the child has had the fever for three days is not good. He could be suffering from dehydration and that is dangerous for a child.

Have you been giving him Tylenol to reduce his fever? Cool baths?

I would still take him in. With tomorrow being Martin Luther King day, you can't hold him over until morning as there will still not be anywhere to take him tomorrow.

Take him to ER and get him checked out.

If you are not comfortable taking him in yet, at least call the hospital and talk to a nurse.

Amy A
it isnt very common so i think you should just to be sure


these high fever can cause brain damage if u are not careful

Nicole n
I would right away, make sure he is drinking lots of fluids, and put a wet towel on his head. Popsicles are a good way to keep a fever down. Hope he feels better!!!!

1. Give him Ibuprofen. 2. Give him liquids. Is he still behaving normally? Get the fever under control and take him to the doctor in the morning. If his behavior is abnormal, take him to the ER.

Yes I would. Make him drink a lot of fluids too

If it was common it would've gone away by now agree? I would think he has a serious infection. Please take him to a doctor.

j H
103.8 is extremely high. You should take him in to the ER. That high of a temp can cause a lot of damage and even death. You need to get it down.

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