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 Staph disease MRSA?
how serious/contagious is this? my 2 yr. old nephew has it and has spider like bites/boils on skin. is there any other treatment besides antibiotics? has anyone had this before? is there an over the ...

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 I had the mumps twice this year Last year I had them a few times I get them every year what should i do. im 12
im only 12 years of age plz plz ...

 I have ababy his age is six monthes he has a mucous and E.coli in his stool culture how can i treating???

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I know that the common cold doesn't have an actual cure, but can anyone give me a tip on how to make myself feel better? I've taken some Lemsip tablets, and I'm drinking a lot of water....

 Stomach sickness children?

 Should i workout if i have shingles...?
should i workout if i have shingles... oh and is it possible to get eye herpes if well i take off my shirt and i dunno the part of the shingles that was near the shirt touched my eye...


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 Diarrhea, low grade temp. lasting for 3 months, or longer, what could it be?

 I have food poisoning! How long will it last? And how do i make it go away faster? Please sincerely help me!?
I am in a lot of pain! I keep on throwing up after about every2 hour. Anything I eat makes me feel sick and my fever keeps on shooting upall the time. I have loose motions that run rampant and dont ...

 I have sore muscles all over but didn't work out. Now my hubby does too. Could we have some sort of a virus?
3 days ago my arms started feeling really sore. All I could remember doing out-of-routine was toting a case of water. But the next day they were even sorer, and my legs too - quads and calves. I ...

 I have flue at the moment, have missed some days from work, but want to go back, what should I do?
I am teh sole breadwinner in the home, and worry they could sack me for missing time. Altthough I feel better after taking medicines, I still feel rough, and my wife is wanting me to go back because ...

 What kills a fever or atleast makes it better??
please help ,i have many absences in school and if i get 2 more im getting thrown out of the ...

 My daughter has whooping cough? or so says the Dr.? She does cough a lot but can whopping cough mimic the flu?
She is hot and cold both at the same time - so that and the cough sounds to me more like bronchitis?She has no fever that I can find. She gets a sore throat from coughing, and the cough sounds like ...

 I had Hepatitis A when I was younger. Can I donate blood?
I was living as a student in Mexico, and although I received medical attention, my blood was never actually tested. My best guess is that it was Hep A, but could conceivably been Hep B. As an adult, ...

 Parasites & worms in humans???
Ok I've tried looking online and I can't find a simple answer. Can someone explain to me what's the difference between parasites and worms in humans? Which are the common and deathly ...

 Is a stomach virus contageous?

My boyfriend has Hepatitis C, where can I take him for treatment?
My boyfriend found out that he had Hep C over 3 years ago and has never gone to the doctor for treatment or to find out what genotype he has. He lives in Bakersfield, CA and I want to take him to go through treatment, but is there a place that offers free treatment or at an affordable price, I don't think his medical insurance would cover it all. Does anyone know if there are any universities that are doing studies and could provide the treatment free or at an affordable rate?

I am seriously considering us getting married so that I can have him on my medical at work and then he would be covered. Also, can someone please give me some ideas on how to tell him that Hep C is a serious issue and that he really needs to take steps to take better care of himself. a great big thank you to all who answer!! :-)

I take care of patients that have no money. I suggest you try contacting the people at the site below. Good luck

Jayden's Mommy!
There is a treatment but many people cant complete it as it makes them SO SICK.
My mother tried it and my cousins step dad- He had to take a year off work to take it. But now he has no signs of it.

I think the meds are called Pegasis? <sp> Call your doctor and ask them.
Hep C is important b/c you dont want to pass it to your child. It slowly destroys your liver and leads to many health probs.
Just because he doesnt feel bad *yet* doesnt mean he shouldnt do something.

Good luck!!

Check the phone book for free clinics or sliding scale clinics. Call medical offices. Someone there might know of a place. Go online and run a search for "clinical trials for hepatitis C" and "free clinics".

As far as convincing him of the seriousness, run a search on hep C and learn all about yourself. Then you'll have the ammo you need. Good luck.

I have hep c and I know what is involved. Is he a vet? its a possible source of treatment. Check on-line for med trials. The university of Kansas, mo. Has 1 right now. there are others he may qualify for. As the gentleman above explained quite well; this will not go away. Treatment is brutal. Geno type is important for treatment. Most ( not all ) Americans seem to have Geno type 1, which is hard to treat. I have had hep since 1971, luckily I am not a heavy drinker or I would not be writing this. Good luck to you! I failed treatment, but if you don't drink, do drugs and really watch your diet you can die with hep c; not because of it!

I don't know other than the hosp.where to take him. I do know it is serious.He needs to be checked to see how far along the virus is. You do know it is contagious right? You can die from this stuff if your liver gets too bad.Make sure you don't share toothbrushes nail clippers or anything that makes you come in contact with his blood. You might want to go get a blood test yourself.I do know you can buy him some Garlic tablets about 1000 mgs and give him one each day. Garlic is a natural way to help filter & clean the liver. Good luck.
Oh yeah another thing if he has already been dianoised with hep C then your insurance won't touch him. They call it pre existing condition and you are out of luck with help.

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