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 My little sister whos 7 has head lice and my mum is panicing!!?
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Sunday I develop a sore throat
Monday Still got sore throat
Tuesday (Christmas day) Taste bugs gone, bunged up<...

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Hey, anyone who knows anything on this topic: is this right?


I'll pick a best answer, someone please help me ...

 How to cure a bladder infection without going to a doctor ?
i have only had it for about 2 days so i figure it i stop it now it wont be so bad,and please dont say carnberry juice.....

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I heard it can take 72 hours. Is that true?...

 My hand slipped into a Public Toilet?
I dropped my 20 dollar bill into a Public toilet and by instinct my hand dove in. Im scared now that I may have caught HIV? I dont know who used it before me and how long. The water was clear ...

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 Can HIV/AIDS be spread through an infected person cooking?
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Is there anything you really can catch from a toilet seat?

steve e
a turd (if your quick)

Dean B
possibly a scratch on your tush if it's cracked

yes lots of things trush,crabs,any kind of virus that is going around the only thing that you don't get is aids that is a blood thing and you need a open wound

a cold bum!

Brian R
A brick; a stone; a toilet-roll; a lot of water; somebodies shoe; somebodies sock; a pen; a sachel; a jacket; your own raincoat; somebodies wee.

Madison S
Ironically, they've done studies; toilet seats are cleaner than most bathroom faucets. You can't catch things from them.

Good Aids (not bad aids)

yes. sometimes when they leave skid marks and you sit on them it will cause a brown rash on your buttocks.


Away With The Fairies
If you're female you need to perfect the art of the squat! As well as helping to avoid the toilet seat nasties it's excellent exercise for inner thighs too ha ha.

There's also the risk of being pounced on by those weirdos in nightclubs these days - the ones who try to spray you with perfume on your way out. What's all that about??


You can catch almost anything while on a toilet seat.. a ball, a cold.. even a bus if you walk round carrying the seat with you. Might get looked at a bit funny though.. Are you Nikki from Big Brother by any chance cause she won't sit down on the bog... but instead pee's all round the place while hovering which is more disgusting I think.. then leave skid marks round the basin which is idleness cause you can't be bothered to clean your own cack up !! I would have thought you would be able to catch more from the flush handle cause people wipe their butts and get cack everywhere in their finger nails then hold the flush handle Urghhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! And you know these women with false nail extensions ?? Imagine them wiping their butts and getting cack all in them cause your nails go through the toilet paper !! Now thats given you all something to think about hasn't it now !!!!!

Yes, you can catch a flesh-eating virus from a toilet seat.

the tissue roll before it falls in
you can catch a nap

just carry around wipes for public places and dont sit.

You can catch any infectious agent from a toilet seat which can be transferred by blood, and which is resistant to your immunity's, and all it takes is a break in your skin, and contact with the infectious agent. believe no person whom tells you otherwise.

Yes there are things that you can catch from a toilet seat. MRSA, a bacteria can infect your buttocks if there is an open sore and can be a devastating infection. It is only one bacterial infection that one could get from a toilet seat. MRSA is methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. One can also catch lice from an unclean toilet seat. So, the best thing to do is use the toilet seat covers for protection.


Yes, a wet butt.

sasha e
you can catch crabs and herpes.

Captain Eyewash

if there was some1 hiding down there u could get a **** up ur A**

A few things you can definately catch:

- COLD..If you are in an airconditioned LOO
- Toiled Paper
- Water - in a MUG
- Soap
- ANy part of your Body
- Most parts of other body if you are not alone
- Sleep
- Calm
- Few friends on Cell Phone

Crabs, Hepatitis, and there are a few other STD's widely available at your nearest public toilet. Credit cards and cheques accepted. Discounts available with multiple purchases

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