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 Why cant you get AIDS from a mosquito bite?

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what happened??...

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edgar allan poe-OMG cutest avatar ive seen in a while! love the name too :)...

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My throat feels very bad. I woke up with the usual bad taste saliva in my mouth and accidently ...

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 Do You think I have Pink Eye? If not, any idea what it is?
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 What can i give children who have the flu to make them feel better?
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 Someone at my house has MRSA
A friend of my sisters is staying at our house.......i just learned she had mrsa which she got from being at a gym.

ever since i learned about that i've been scared to death and ...

barbara f
Is rat urine fatal to human if they accidentally consume it?


spicy girl 1
Don't you see the new?

Quite common in the rivers and canals in and around London,UK.
The urine carries a disease known as:

Leptospirosis & Weil’s Disease
What it is
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection carried in rat’s urine which may contaminate water in lakes, rivers, etc. The bacteria does not survive long in dry conditions or salt water. The risk of infection is greater in stagnant or slow-moving water but cases have occurred in swift moving streams and lowland rivers. There is an enhanced risk where flash floods have washed out rat runs.

The infection is caught by direct contact with the urine or polluted environment. Bacteria enter through skin abrasions or via eyes, nose or mouth.

The usual incubation is 2 to 12 days. Usually a ‘flu’ like illness occurs which resolves in 2-3 weeks. There may be fever, severe headache, pains in the back and calf and prostration. A few cases develop Jaundice, when the condition is known as Weil’s disease.

The Level of Risk
Each year an average of 3 canoeists contract Leptospirosis. It is very rare and it’s deterioration into Weil’s disease even more rare. Weil’s disease is however, a serious ilness and must be swiftly diagnosed and treated. Death may occur in about 15% of Weil’s disease cases (i.e. jaundiced patients) but death without jaundice is virtually unknown. Antibiotics during the first few days help in limiting infection. Many cases recover without specific treatment.

How to prevent It
Cover all cuts and abrasions with waterproof plasters
always wear footwear to avoid cutting the feet
Avoid capsize drill or rolling practice in suspect waters
Where possible shower soon after canoeing
If in doubt contact your doctor early.

What to do if you think you may be infected
If you think you may have the infection go to your doctor and explain that their may be a risk of leptospirosis. The diagnosis is by clinical suspicion. Blood tests can rarely confirm the illness in time to affect treatment but are needed to subsequently confirm it.

Further information is available from The Leptospirosis Reference Unit, Public Health Laboratory, County Hospital, Hereford, HR1 2ER

Hanta virus is a distant cousin of Ebola virus, but is found worldwide. The virus is spread by human contact with rodent waste. Dangerous respiratory illness develops. Effective treatment is not yet available and over 50% of cases end in fatality.

Rat Diseases

Rats carry and spread diseases that can harm humans.

Plague: People become infected with the plague from fleas that feed on infected rats, or being bitten by infected rat.

Food poisoning: Eating food that has been polluted with rat urine or droppings can cause food poisoning.

Rat-bite fever: A bite from an infected rat can cause rat-bite fever.

Tapeworm: People can get tapeworm, or trichinosis from rats.

Opps! Call posion control

Probably not. Urine is for the most part, sterile. However rats do carry many diseases, which could be fatal if not properly treated.

There is nothing inherently toxic about urine or feces from a healthy rat, but excretions from a sick rat are another thing, and perhaps that is what this bit of scarelore is addressing. There have been several rat urine stories in the news of late.

Leptospirosis, better known as Weil's disease, is a potentially deadly illness caused by bacteria passed along to humans in contact with urine from diseased animals (rats, frogs, rabbits, snakes, pigs and dogs). It is picked up rurally from swimming in contaminated lakes and reservoirs. In cities, the bacteria are passed along more easily — people splashing through puddles in areas that have a large rodent population might contract the disease, and eating or drinking contaminated food and water is always a danger. Leptospirosis can also be contracted by rubbing eyes with dirty hands. People with open cuts and wounds are especially vulnerable to the bacteria, as it can be picked up almost anywhere.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has received several inquiries about an e-mail report of a stock clerk who became infected with hantavirus while working in a storeroom. According to the e-mail message, the infection resulted from exposure to dried rodent droppings that were contaminated with hantavirus. The e-mail message warns the reader to take precautions when handling items such as soda cans and grocery packages (for example, cereal boxes) because they may be contaminated with hantavirus.

The e-mail report is untrue. CDC could not substantiate this report of a hantavirus infection, nor has CDC been asked to participate in an investigation of the incident described in the e-mail.

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