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wendy k
Is it true that once you get a staph infection, you have it always, never truly getting rid of it, like mrsa?

Additional Details
i am talking about the healthcare based mrsa, one that you might get in a hospital

james t
a staph infection could be treated with this 4 life solution just go to 4life.com it gives you a variety of all natural products that doesn't include side effects.

You can get rid of MRSA

No once antibiotics clear an infection it is gone.

Mopar Muscle Gal

MRSA is caused by years of antibiotic use/abuse

germs become immune to antibiotics, mutate and become MRSA ( super germ)

Itsjustme gave you the best answer. Staph is a very common germ. It lives on everyone's skin. You can't actually get rid of it, no matter what. But this isn't what you're worried about, I think. Sometimes the good and bad bacteria on your skin get out of balance for whatever reason and you could develop a staph infection. MRSA stand for methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and it refers to a type of staph that has developed resistance to medicines usually used to treat it. There are still medicines that can be used to turn back the infection.

Purple Passion
All people carry some form of staph on their skin. But if you get MRSA I can tell you my DR'S. said it will never go completely go away. It will only lay dormant. When your immune system is weak or you have any kind of surgery after getting it you are at risk for a flare up. And it is contagious. If you have MRSA and are going to have any surgery please tell your Dr's. there are special test that need to be ran. Be sure to get a nose culture done. I had a hernia repair done in the hospital and got it in the operating room. I spend 16 day's not know I was even alive. I was quarantined. My husband and kids were not even aloud to see me for days. Before my husband could have his quad-by passes he had to be tested. We both came up positive with nose cultures. Our 2 boy's came up neg. So we were treated on body washes and had to put antibiotics up our noses for 2 weeks, then go back and be tested again. If they had opened him up without testing him first he would have gotten it in his chest. Be careful it is serious. Be careful around small chilren and the elderly. Cancer patients. Anyone going to have surgery have them check you first.

Bro Dan

No, it is possible to get rid of it , but if it is internal or in bone, slim chance.

You don't specify whether you're talking about community or healthcare based MRSA. There has been an outbreak of community based MRSA lately, so i assume that's what you mean. MRSA is a resistant bacteria but can be killed with the right antibiotic. It is common and easy to reinfect. You can even pick it up from dry surfaces. Read more in the links below.

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