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-sore throat

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crystal lee
Is it safe or not to give an extra dose of antibiotics to a child?

Additional Details
What I mean is three doses a day instead of two harmful

No. Always follow your doctor's instructions to a tee (no more, no less). If you are concerned that you gave an extra dose by accident, you can call the advise nurse or doctor's office and inquire. Most medications come with a disclosure sheet that tells you what it is, side effects, etc. Try reading this as well. If your child is experiencing drowsiness, breathing problems, etc, call 9-1-1.
Otherwise, giving an extra dose by choice will probably not improve their condition "quicker".
Hope this helps.

It may or may not be, depending on the medication. But most of the time if it's just once it won't hurt. But it cannot continue. And if you're trying to get rid of the bug faster by giving an extra dose, it doesn't work that way. The one who would know would be the pharmacist. I think if you just call any pharmacist, they will give you a good answer on this.

Well, it looks like we all agree, so you can show these answers to your friend.

Blondie Z
Always follow what the doctor orders, why would you want to give your child something on your own?

No....when they first start, sometimes they give them an extra on the first day to get scheduled....but not continuous...very harmful

Not safe. Over use and over dose of antibiotics have many risks. Always consult a doctor before giving antibiotics.

definitely not safe.. why would you give a child an extra dose of antibiotics anyway?? you'll only mess up the child's renal system. i suggest you follow the MD's instructions to how the med should be given at the correct dose. and make sure that the child continues to take the antibiotics until there are no more, regardless if the child no longer experiences anymore symptoms.

I agree with the other answers, in regards to WHY are you asking. Did you already give a double dose by mistake, or you want to give a double dose.

Never give a double dose, but if you did by accident, it's not that big a deal.

Are you asking because you accidentally gave the extra dose or do you want to double up the meds to get the child better sooner? It won't hurt her/him if you've already done it, but don't purposefully deviate from the instructions on the meds. It won't help anyway.

I hope you listen to the rest of the people.Never give any child medication WITHOUT A DOCTORS APPROVAL.

you can ask a doctor.

stick to proper dose you are not going to speed up the fix by overdosing you kid.

NEVER EVER give anyone antibiotics without a doctors ok. Childrens dosages are not always the same as adult doses and you should never ever have left over antibiotic. When antibitotics are prescribed you must finish all of the medication and if the doctor changes it or tells you to stop it then take it to a place that disposes of old drugs.

Uncle Remus
Are you seriously going to take the advice of complete strangers over your doctor?

Common sense needs to prevail here. Chances are it's not a problem, but it won't be any more effective. If that were the case, drug companies would recommend it (and the FDA approve it) that way the drug companies could make more money.

Many of the answers listed above are correct, some are partially correct, and some are full of crap.

Most oral antibiotics have a large measure of safety in their dosages. Some injectable antibiotics do not and they must be monitored in a hospital setting. However, with most drugs, the higher the dose, the more likely side effects would occur. The most commonly seen: diarrhea or intestinal cramping.

As I stated, if a larger dose would be needed, the drug companies would market the drug with those instructions so they could sell more. It's a big American fallacy - if one is good, two must be better.

I hope this helps. Be well.

Rick the Pharmacist

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