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 I feel bad because...?
I am sick, have muscle pain, sore throat and lost lost my voice...
I feel very weak and tired but i was supposed to be oncall at the hospital for almost 13 hours ( in the ICU) today .
So I ...

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 My sister has a terrible case of shingles on her face, how long will it last?
When is it at it's most contagious?...

 Other than taking medicine, what are some things you can do for someone to help with their fever?

 Is this Conjunctivitus?
this morning i woke up with ma eye lashes quite sticky and almost stuck together and all of today ive had goo coming at the corner of my eyes and ma eyes feel a little sore... cld this be ...

 Rabies questions.?
I'm in 8th grade now and I got bit by a wild hamster when I was in 5th grade. I don't remember anything about that time. I'm very worried because I heard rabies can kill you. Do I have ...

 What should I NOT do when i have a sore throat?

Additional Details
is it ok to use computer, people say u shudn't (strains your eyes?)...

 Too much stress?
can a huge huge amount of stress weaken your immune system and make it easier for you to get sick? any suggestions to help with an overload of stress?...

 What are the real facts about vaccinations for children?
Ive heard very bad things about them such as: causes autism, contains mercury, not nessassary, all a ploy to get $ from everyone. I tried to look it up online and saw alot of positive articles about ...

 Is it true that you can have worms in your stomach?
a friend told me that when she was young she used that bathroom ( doing #2) and a worm came out of her rectum. Can that really happen and what is the reason for such a thing? What is the age rang and ...

 What is the most powerful cure to any sickness known to mankind?

 I keep smelling toast, and 2 m8s have said it means diffrent things,1 said it means a stroke,other sed ghost?

 How to avoid colds and flu?
I am a 25 year old male and I am always getting colds and flu, about 4 or 5 times per year. They usually last for 3-6 days, and, of course, I hate them! Is there anything I can do to avoid getting ...

 If someone has a total blood transfusion does he or she take on the personality of the person whose blood it i
How also would we know whether it s contaminated blood?
Additional Details
No I have not asked this question before and if it has been raised if must mean people are worried about it. M...

 Blood donor gaving blood ???
I was raped by another male and been tested all the way out year and half all negative I was wonder do I have to tell that I was raped by man . thanks
Additional Details
I was tested ...

 Ebola - nice or nasty?

 Do I have to stay home from school tomorrow because I have conjunctivitis (pink eye)?
I got it yesterday and I went to the doctors today.

The doctor gave me eye drops and told me to wash my hands a lot and put on hand sanitizer a lot.

He told me that ...

 Do TB tests hurt I need one..?
help my stepbrothers mom has TB what do I do if I get it
Additional Details
thanks everyone for the help that makes me feel alittle ...

 Why does african children hav swollen bellies?
is it a diease? if it is is it cureable?...

Is it possible to catch mono from a water fountain?
There has been a rumor going around at my school that mono has been spreading around because of the water fountains. Can this be possible?

15 & Loving It!
Well, if someone drinks the water from the part where the water comes out from, and puts their mouth on it, and then you do the same, then yes there is a possible chance.

if you touched the mouth piece to your lips than yah

I think it is possible...

Brown Boy
only if you put your mouth on it or if their is a gum their that touch the water before you


‚ô•Jesus‚ô• ‚ô•Loves‚ô• ‚ô•You‚ô•
only if people are actually putting their lips on the spout, but i think that is absoulutly discusting and i keep my lips as far from the spout while drinking from the fountain as possible

If the person sneezed of spit on the metal part that the water comes out of , and you put your mouth on that part... yes

yes, the germ can live on non-porous surfaces quite a while.

Surely Funke
No, it is rarely spread through inanimate objects (fomites). The virus that causes it is pretty sensitive to being inactivated outside a host.

sure if your mouth touches the metal piece where the water comes out....and so did the sicko.

You'd have to actually come in contact with their saliva so I really doubt it.

The Token Emo Kid
only if tyou have your mouth like right on the faucet

Hmm...maybe if someone sneezes on their hand, touches the fountain, and someone else touches that part of the fountain and then licks their hand.

Just wash your hands...I highly doubt it can be spread that indirectly anyway, more than likely a stupid rumor.

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