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 Delaying the MMR vaccination?
I am considering having my daughter's MMR vaccination delayed. She is 15 months and I have heard that waiting until age 2 gives the brain more time to develop, if indeed there is some sort of ...

 I just found out a co-worker has Hep C. Is she allowed to be preparing food for the public?
She is also very accident prone and often has little cuts all over her fingers from dry, cracking skin. She does wear bandaids often, but is very careless about things in general. (I.e. I remind her ...

 How do people contract disease easily???

 Hello! What happens now that I accidentally ate a bowl of unwashed lettuce???
I made a bowl of lettuce salad and I forgot to wash the leaves as I peel them directly into the eating bowl!! (Was suppose to rinse it after I peeled but I forgot about washing after I threw in the ...

 What is the best over the counter medicine for an upset stomach?
i think i may have the stomach flu but i am not sure i have been vommiting and i have a fever of 101.9 and 100.2 and i need medicine but am not sure what to ...

 Is a temperature of 99.1 a fever?

 I stepped on a nail at my friends house and didnt really go in that far.?
well i was at my friends house and i stepped on a nail and it just went into my skin not that far but i put neosporin on it and a bandaid on it and i washed it out before that and its been about 2 ...

 What are home remedies for urinary tract infections?

 Im so scared. can someone tell me wutt tetanus looks like??[read below]?
alrite. i cut my self w a rusty razor a few weeks ago and theres all these little bumps around it and im super freaked out rite now. can some1 tell me wutt tetanus looks like fom cuts?...

 When a mosqito found buzzing around me at midnight,get up to kill it or tolerate it?

 Can you be immunised against chickenpox?

 Chicken soup and colds/flu?
Does home-made chicken soup really help with getting rid of colds or the flu?
Has it ever helped you feel better when sick?...

 What is a stomach ulcer?

 What is the best way to not be scared of shots?

 Help me answer this please?
My mother and I have had a discusion on H.I.V aids and Hep C. She believes that they are both the same desease and I say they are not. Can some one please help with the answer to this. She thinks ...

i have just started taking AMOXICILLIN today (x3 a day).Can i drink alcohol whilst taking these as it has no information on the bottle?Its for an ear infection.Am going out tonight and really need a ...

 Why does some people evn exposed to the hiv/aids virus do not get infected?

 How possible is it, to be infected with HIV if one kisses person who is HIV positive. A kiss like a french kis
If you kiss like lovers would?...

 I have UTI( urinary tract infection, I was wondering can that be healed without using any antibiotica?
I've heard that cranberry juice helps is that true?...

 Urinary tract infection?
Can I take Bactrim (generic), in the place of Macrobid (name brand). Do you think that it will make a big difference?...

Is it dangerous to take too many antibiotics?
me and my daughter have been passing a nasty cold back and forth,we had a full round of antibiotics and have gotten sick again...I've already started a new script and she might after the dr appt. she took ammoxicillian and I've taken keflex and bactrim.
Additional Details
no best answer....I'm not on antibiotics for the virus...but the infection the virus called...you genious's think you know everything...how about just answering what I asked

Nicholas F
Unless you see a doctor, the problem with taking too much antibiotics is your body will build an immunity to them, and not work when you need them. Consult your doctor. Hope you feel better.

If the cold is viral, antibiotics won't help. It is not good to take them when the sickness isn't bacterial because your body will build an immunity to the medicine and then it won't work when you really need it.

Mopar Muscle Gal
you could end up with the super bug MRSA

as soon as you are feeling better throw away your germy toothbrush

If you take too many of them in your life, your body will eventually reject them. A good way to help prevent speading colds is to wash your hands as much as often.

Taking too many antibiotics decreases your resistance level to many diseases. Not to mention you can end up with a nasty yeast infection or diarrhea.

Colds are caused by viruses. Antibiotics only work against bacterial infections e.g. if you have strep throat.

You actually can't catch the same cold again, you can only catch a new cold virus that your immune system has not been exposed to.

I say start cleaning your living space, wash your hands, and don't share food. Lots of chicken soup and rest is the best remedy.

Taking "too many antibiotics" as you say presents the risk of becoming immune to their effects. Taking antibiotics as little as possible and only when most needed in case of severe infections is more beneficial.
Taking antibiotics every time you sneeze is a waste. Rather, try to educate yourself with natural herbal remedies and vitamins intakes, like vitamin C.

A cold is a virus and antibiotics will not help. Overuse of antibiotics has caused bacteria to mutate into "superbugs" or bacteria that is antibiotic resistant.
MRSA is just one example.

You foolish people. colds are due to a virus & no antibiotic available will affect this virus. Take megadoses of vitamin C ASAP, daily &^ throw out those antibiotics. You are playhingwith fire. You are wrecking your bodies' immune system with them & creating stronger bacteria for everyone. else to suffer from.

I am sure it could be
you should not share anti-biotics with anyone!
sometimes if you are sick alot and often, and you take anti-biotics, your body actually becomes immune to them
talk to your doc //you may need different or a higher dose of the medications

You can get clostridium difficile toxin, also known as: C. difficile, it's caused by taking too much antibotics that can kill off your good bacteria in your system "normal Flora", this can disrupt the balance of bacteria in the colon causing diarrhea. You can do a search online for more info.

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