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 My mother in law has MRSA in her blood. I am pregnant. Am I safe to be around her with a gown on and gloves?
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Is it bad to eat cold food when you're sick? For example, eating ice cream when you have a sore throat?


If you have sore throat it is bad. But if you have ear infection, I think.......it is Okay.

I suppose it all depends on what the "sickness" is. Usually ice cream is as said above, soothing for sore throats or sore mouth issues. But if you have a cold it is bad to go out in the cold without keeping yourself warm. It is also bad to go to bed with wet hair (mainly women).

Bashful Wolfy
Not really but ice cream isnt the best choice because later on - it will make you develop ( not be gross) flem, Your best choice is to such on some crushed ice or pieces of ice to soothe the fire in your throat. This will help the healing process alot more. And you can swallow it better without pain. Good luck.

If it makes your sore throat feel better and does not make you nauseated. Then it is OK to eat ice cream when you have a sore throat.

Not especially. In fact, ice cream can be very soothing for sore throats.

No, it's okay.

No... the temperature of the food has nothing to do with it. and ice-cream is usually a good choice when you're sick. it's full of sugars and fats to help keep your energy up while your body tries to fight off the infection.

no. Whatever u feel like eating. (but NO alcohol). if u are not sure about the other stuff ask ur dr

There are few taboos in western medicine related to food you eat when you are sick.

Ice cream is often served to children in hospitals because it is easy to eat with a sore throat.

But cold things will have a negative impact on a throat (as many actors and performers will tell you). It has a short to soothing effect but after that it can make you cough more (which I always do after have a slurpy).

So don't do it if you have to go to a meeting or give a presentation.

In Chinese medicine cold foods are frowned upon.

Basically though it is unlikely to have any large impact on the progress of a cold or flu. However there is some evidence that colds and flus are in fact effected by temperature (if you have a runny nose, stuff tissues up your nose, this will increase the temperature and kill the bacteria in your nose)

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