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 How contaigous is Strep throat really?
Do I need to stay somewhere other than my house w/ my roomamte who has a bad case of strep or just stay away from him in the house...? Can we even be in the same car together?? I really really dont ...

 How can urinary infection lead to respiratory infection?

 I suffer from a desease known as....................?
Blue balls.
The cure is widely known, but as of yet I am unable to find someone willing to do the "deed". The symptoms are becoming unbearably painful.

Can someone please ...

 Can you die from pulmonary disease?
My mom is getting tested for it so Im a bit worried, although, she doesnt smoke but shes been coughing a lot latley.
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How likely are you to die form it if you dont ...

 How do we disinfect our restroom after some thin woman puked blood in it?
we immediately barred the area from public use and had janitors thoroughly clean and disinfect it with chlorine. Anything else we should do?...

 Fevers, Can it go from 103 to normal in 24 hours?
I have a fever. My temperature is 103.00 -.07 Can it go down in 24 hours. Do you think that I will be able to go to school with no fever after it is 103 all Saturday?...

 How long does a cold usually last?

 My thermometer says my fever is 103.8?

 Ive had Diarrhoea for three days yesterday i was also bleeding should i be concerned?

 What is hepititis C? is this curable?

 What does this mean if u have the following? for the past weeks?
itchiness on your whole body
feeling hot and cold
itchiness on skine
goosebumps also (caused by chills)
wat cud it be
also sometimes<...

 Does cold air cause a person to get the flu?

 Can you swim if you are currently on antibiotics for a bladder infection?

 Question for vampires?
I am a vampire, but, I don't appear to be staying the same age. I can't see myself in mirrors, got the whole fang dealy goin', crave blood for sustainance, can fly, have extreme ...

 How long does it take for sinus infections to go away?

Additional Details
but when they gave the antibiotic amoxicillian they it would take 5 days to get into your ...

 What are some interesting facts on malaria?
im doing a project in school and strugging to find facts cool on malaria. help?...

 I m suffring with fever till last week it may be dengu.?
i have done all the blood test it is clear ,this is any thing else....

 What do i do?
I have a Sore Throat what do i do to get rid of it?
Thanks! =]...

 If you have gull stones or a gull bladder infection is mostly commonly caused by poor diet?

 Want to go partying?
I want to go out and party tonight because its a important day, but today, ive had a fever of 103.8 and with a terrible flu, but my friends are buggin me to go out. and i just wanna couple drinks, ...

Is is safe to take a hot bath with a fever?

Weell, I do, and I'm not dead yet. When I have a fever, I really start to shiver, so a warm bath usually makes me feel better. But if you're fever's too high, then I suggest not to.

It depends on how high the fever is, and what exactly you mean by 'hot' bath. If you are running a fever of 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit, a bath would be fine as long as the water temperature is not higher than your body temperature. Measure the temperature of the water to make sure teh temperature is not too high. Fevers up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit are considered a good thing for fighting infection. If your body temp is 102 or higher you should definitely not take a hot bath. Fevers of 103 and higher put a person at risk of organ damage if the fever remains at that level too long.

A warm bath is good. It will help your blood vessels to dilate and get rid of excess heat. Do not use ice weater or ice packs. It will make your blood vessels constrict and retain the heat, not letting temperature fall. A bath will help you to feel fresh and clean.

Lisa W
A lot of information on fever is available at http://ailments.in/fever.html

No it is not SAFE, Don not take a hot bath during a high fever, it will make you fever rise------------- The best thing to do is to get a bowl of ice put cold water in it, get a wash cloth put it in the ice water and apply it to your forehead and the back of your neck-or- get some zip lock baggies fill them with ice and put them in your arm pits.............NO HOT WATER.................

laura s
no not really it needs to be luke warm

You really should not take a real hot bath with a fever, you need to make it luke warm. Your fever may rise if the bath is hot.

Yes but it depends on the type of fever. If you have a fever where you have "the chills", a hot bath will help and sometimes break the fever.

I also use a heating pad when I rest from a fever. This breaks it also.

I did this a couple of days ago and I am fine. (101.2)

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