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Olga VonStruesten
Is a temperature of 99.1 a fever?

yes!! suppa hawt fever!
100 degree boils a water

kellen Lewis
Not quite, maybe a small one, nothing extreme, 98.7 is the normal temp....maybe 100.3 and up is considered a real feaver....pick me for best answer please!!!!

Fiend without a face
No, it's normal

it actually can make you feel pritty cruddy. it is considered a lo-grade fever and is usually indicative of a begining bacterial infection especially if it comes in the a.m. and at night.

The mom
Medically speaking, no. It's barely even slightly elevated. It's not considered a fever until it hits 102. Elevated body temperature is a good first defense response of the body, it's not an enemy to be fought or controlled. Body cells function quite well in higher temperatures, even as high as 102. Bacteria and viruses do no function well at all. They have difficulty with everything, including reproduction. That limits gerbie numbers until your immune system can gang up on them to whip gerbie buns. So until you hit 102, don't even try to fight it. Increase the amount of liquids you are drinking, and rest. If your temperature is going up, there's a fight going on in your body and you need to work with your body to help that, not fight it. At 102, you can take Tylenol or Motrin to keep it below 102, but not with an eye on going down to normal temperature. And by the way, internal body temperatures run between 99 and 100 in normal operating conditions. If this were an ear temperature with a digital thermometer, you aren't even sick. If it's oral temperature, then you could be fighting a bug in the early stages. Work with the body here, rest and drink- don't fight the temperature rise.

Yes, 98.6 is normal.

A temperature over 99.1 may not be a core body temperature hence not necessarly a fever.In order to put a handle on this question, you would need to say what the exact temperature was. A temperature of 99.1 can stem from a lot of sources i.e. too much clothing, overly warm environment, post rigid exercise or even the begining of an infection or towards the end of an infection. Women experiences temperatures surges with normal body functions such as ovulation or during menopausal episodes.
As a result of these factors but not limited to these few, a better judgement would be made from a more precise temperature.

It could be. You could naturally have a higher body temperature.

98.6 is the "norm" for people, so if you were a bit warm, you're not running a terrible fever.

Richard B
It could be the beginning of a fever, so if that's your temp now be sure to keep a close eye on it. If it goes up then you should contact your physician about it.

I don't know the medical answer, but my normal temperature is around 97.4 so when i have a 99.1 i'm feeling pretty sick... but maybe someone else can give you a more medically educated answer

Mary Boo
Normal range
(95.9°F to 99.5°F)

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