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Is 97.6 a fever?
if not what temp= a fever?

Andres R
97.6 is average a fever is above 100.0

Nope. 98.6 is a fever. Nice try though.

i think it is a fever who cares what other ppl think it is but i think 100 is higher lol :)

98.6°F±1.3°F=Regular body temperature.
97.6°F<98.6°F±1.3°F=Lower than regular body temperature.
If you took your temperature underarm (auxillary), then
97.6°F(auxillary)=98.6°F (regular). Underarm{auxillary} is 1 degree lower than a regular thermometer.

105°F+=Dangerous; potentially causitive in brain damage.
107°F=Most likely death—107°F is the most the body can handle.


rose petals & rust
no, it's actually below average (which is 98.6) anything 99 and above would constitute a fever--although it's nothing to worry about until it's over 100, take care of yourself just the same if you notice a slight spike in temprature

No, the normal temperature of a human is 98.6 Farenheit.


anything above like a 99.5 is


No, the regular body temp. it 98.6 degrees, anything above it (usually above 99.0) is a fever, below isn't a fever but can still be bad...if you arn't feeling good you should get it checked out.

Shh_its me
No, it isn't. It's a normal body temperature. In a child, anything over 100 degrees should be adressed, in adults it is slighter higher. Fevers of 105 to 106 may cause brain damage, so that's ER immediately.

No, that is not a fever. Anything 100 or over is a fever.

no that ur normal core body temp

no it is low
98.6 is normal and 99 and above it a fever

Jennifer L
First poster is correct. We nurses don't usually get worried until the temp gets over 100.5 to 101.

Sir Readalot
No, it's hypothermic. You should put on warm clothing and have a hot drink, maybe exercise to try to bring your temperature back up to normal.

Kendra J
No....normal average body temp is 98.6. Typically anything over 101 is a fever.

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