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 How to get rid of cold and sore throat?

 Couldi get sick from kissing someone that was sick?

 How can I fight the flu without medication?
A few days ago my throat started hurting, and now I've got the whole flu package: sinus headache, sniffling, sore throat, and overall just feeling bad. The problem is that I can't take any ...

 Are you or someone you know on the "down low"?

Additional Details
yeah I saw the documentary on ABC, very interesting. learned something new today. more than some people that answered this question. LOL...

 Why are vaccines touted as being 100% effective, when they are not?

 My medical question is are bed sores contagious?
I'm a care giver,...

 My daughter 11 year has acute tonsilitis.She is thin , breath from mouth.Advise surgery is only solution.?
Presently she is taking Homeopathy medicine for last 5 months , but there is no improvement.She is alert and active but short tempered .She is under weight and very choosy while having food ....

 Help me to stop snorring?

 Why does my son have a fever, if he got the flu shot?
what could he have?...

 Please hurry 103.2 fever?
My 4yr old has had a low grade fever yesterday and today. It has ran about 100 but tonight it has gone up to 101, 102.2 and just now 103.4... i have been giving motrin and Tylenol since yesterday.......

 How high should I let my temperature get before i go to the hospital?
I have been sick for a long time, my fever has ranged from 101-102 for the past 4 days. Ibuprofen and Tylenol arent working. Im wondering how high i should let the temperature get before i do ...

 What do you think of Hiv positive people having children?

Additional Details
I posted the question to see what people would say but me and my child mother have a 19 month old healthy baby girl who is negative. Both me and her mom are positive. ...

 What's wrong with me?
Last night I went to sleep with a mild fever and woke up with it.
My muscles and my joints feel weak and painful.
I doubt that I have the flu, because I'm not coughing nor do I have a ...

 Pink eye...how do you get it?
my awsome friend wants to kno so ...

 Chickenpox...how easy to catch?
am babysitting for a 19 month old baby on sat. but she have just found out she has got chickenpox... i have never had them so am i likely to catch it if i do babysit? the spots are already out an ...

 I've got shingles?
my girlfriend has never had chicken pox but she says she has immunity to it as all her sisters and cousins had it but she never caught it. does this mean she wont get it now or should i keep clear ...

 Why vaccine is not yet developed against HIV virus?

 I am sick, here are my symptoms. What is it? Should I go to the doctor?
Alright, so for the past 3 days I've not been feeling well... Here are my symptoms for what I'm feeling right this second

- Weak, very weak. I can't barely dial a phone ...

 I had the flu three weeks ago. My boyfriend just got in town, and has the flu, caught elsewhere. am I at risk
He had the flu since tuesday night, and got into town saturday night. I have not slept in the same bed as him, but have had some contact ( some kisses, hugging etc), tonight (monday) I am feeling ...

 Is it normal....?
Is it normal to get your tonsils out,then have a throat infection, and 10 days after, still fell like crap?
Additional Details

Inside of my voulva is itching and splashing since last week?


shih tzu lady
Thrush. Get the oral tablet from the pharmacy and some canesten cream. Will clear within a week. Nothing to worry about - most of us women have it at some time or another. Often due to hormonal changes.

see your doctor it could be anything

Yeast infection. Please use your spell checker.

Possibly thrush. See your doctor for a correct diagnosis & treatment.

Adam B

sounds like thrush

Gavin T
See a doctor.

Maybe the sunroof is leaking. Get a mechanic to look at it, lol

how do you mean splashing? i dont understand. maybe you have thrush cos that makes you itch.

lordy lord, stay away from me baby

but seriousl get off this site and see a doc. Everyone thinks theyre experts, but they are not

kyle d
Sounds like vulvovaginitis. Commonly caused by a yeast infection but may also be caused by some creams or a reaction to clothing.

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