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 I have strep throat,i've been taking penicilin and ibuprophen, would mariguana effect anything?

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 Why is africa asociated with h.i.v Aids, isn't it a world epidermic, howcome we never hear of aids in the uk

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 When u get general blood work done do they test for diseases?
I've had loads of blood tests done due to a reoccurring sickness (tonsilitis). I ended up needing surgery and they did a blood test before the surgery. I've also given blood many times and ...

 I think my husband was bit by a brown recluse spider..?
i dont know if it is a spider bite or a staph infection...it started as a red patch 6 days ago,this morning it had like a pus thing in the middle ...he poped that and now it is scabbed over but his ...

If you go into the hospital and they do blood work on you could it show signs of major diseases?

Yes, blood tests definitely could show certain major diseases. It also shows different disorders like hypothyroidism and anemia.

Lizzy S
It depends on what kinds of tests that a doctor orders. If you have the "basic" things ordered, like a chemistry panel which measures your electrolytes, glucose, and your kidney function, it could tell some diseases like certain kidney diseases, diabetes, and many others. Also, if you have a CBC (complete blood count with differential) which can indicate many different problems from infection to leukemia, as well as many others.

There is a plethora of tests that can be ordered, you need to know what is being ordered on you and why, also, you need these test results explained to you in a way that you can understand, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Possibly. I think what happens though is that maybe they see something fishy in your blood and then investigate further. That's what happened to me

It all depends on what tests they use on the bloodwork. Like, I have my blood drawn for my Thyroid levels, but that's the only thing they are testing for.

Yes it could do that .

Yes, but they don't test for EVERYTHING. Some diseases require special testing and they have to be looking for some specific diseases and order the tests seperately to find out.

Of course. That is what a blood test is usually done for...to diagnose and find out what's truly wrong.

Yes. They check your white blood cell counts and a whole list of things that are normally checked. They don't admit to checking for HIV but I think they do.

delores l

Yes, defintely!!

Delores 1

Austin B
well they put in a contaner and let it sit there in a humidity controlled storage area at 97.5 degrees and if there is a diseases it will grow and then they test in more im not shure how but then they can tell if u have any for example strepth throut they scrape your throut and wipe it on a contaner and put it in the controlled conter and the whole 9 and so yea there u go hope u enjoyed what i sayed

yes,,it can show liver disease, diabetes,heart disease, wether you are an alcoholic, STD's ,AIDS,lukemia.. what more serious do you want ?

yes is can.

olympics junkie
They usually do a routine panel of tests, but if they have an indication that any other disease could be present, they would add a specific test. ..

John Reid
Yes, they would do a complete blood count and a chemistry, perhaps also some specific tests for whatever disease they suspect.
The levels in the blood count can give clues, as well as the levels detected in the blood chemistry, which could be as few as seven items, sometimes twelve, and even up to 21.
They can also check for drugs, alcohol, lead or other heavy metals. They can also check for levels of any meds which you may be taking.
As Austin suggested, they can try to grow bacteria from mucus, urine, pus, or blood, or look for eggs & parasites in your stool.

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