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 Please Help Me ? my child 2 year old son suffering from fever from past 3 / 4 days & vommitting since 5 days?

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 Fever of 105 degrees?
I have some sort of virus that involves a painful sore throat, hard to talk, cough, a drippy nose and a fever. Normally it was between 101-103 But last night i woke up and my temperature was at 105. ...

 Question about Staph- Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus?
My sister in law contracted Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus and was treated with antibiotics. Is she still contagious? I am not trying to be a germophobe, but I have a 9 month old in the house ...

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 Throat infections?
i have a constant infection in my throat and my doctor just laughs at me as it wont go.it feels like i have a constant lump in my throat and when i swallow it feels like a click.when i swallow my ...

 18 month old stomach pain,loss of appetite, slight fever what could be wrong?

 Why is everyone so paranoid over the HIV Virus it seems that people out here are just not getting?
that the Virus can not live verylong out side the host body and that it just does not jump over to other people on its own So When is everone going to wake UP ?? And get there Facts STRAIGHT on this D...

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 In the bible the disease leprosy was common. What happened to that disease and is there a modern name for it?
I was just wondering....

 Can a human give another human rabies?
Like if a rabid animal bit my freind, and he/she bit me, would I get rabies?...

 Bad Sore Throat..Please Help Me!?
Last night I started having a very bad sore throat, it feels cut, swollen, hard to swallow...I garggled some salt water..doesnt seem to help...I had a fever last night and was shivering all over......

 HHHMMMM. I think I have constipation. And I dont have money to go to doctor. What is the treatment for it?
How do I cure constipation at home only.
I tried drinking lot of water. It does not work.
Any thing else.
Please help.

 Am i hiv infected? details below?
I am 28 male, 6 years back i had physical relation with my cousine(male), since six years i dnt have any connection with him, now i got to know that my cousine is HIV Positive, Please let me know i ...

 How to reduce a fever?
My daughter is 5 yrs old and she had a fever for the passed 3 days....

 Can a child pass on the chicken pox virus if they have had it already, but have been exposed to it recently.?

 Can kissing cause HIV infection ?
i want to know is it possible that sombody will be infected by HIV virus while kissing or not ?
for example by having contact with saliva???...

 What does it mean if you are vomiting up blood?

If you are sick from e coli can you spread it to another by kissing?

rashid j

trevor m
Yes it is in your saliva and all other body fluids

yes it can spread by kissing♥

stop kissing a s s

I'm a gem
yea, i'd say so.

no i dont believe so

No ecoli is transferred through tainted food amongst other ways this is the most common. It is not a airborn virus...It can not be transferred by kissing

Bad Kitty!
E. coli can be spread from one person to another, usually when an infected person does not wash his or her hands properly after a bowel movement. E. coli can spread from an infected person's hands to other people or to objects. It isn't transmitted by kissing.

I don't think so . Besides if you are sick from Escherichia coli the last thing on your mind would be kissing lol

Outbreaks often are caused by food that has gotten the bacteria, E coli, in it. Bacteria can get accidentally mixed into ground beef before packaging. Eating undercooked meat can spread the bacteria, even though the meat looks and smells normal. E. coli can also live on cows’ udders. It may get into milk that is not pasteurized.

Raw vegetables, sprouts, and fruits that have been grown or washed in dirty water can carry E. coli O157:H7. It can get into drinking water, lakes, or swimming pools that have sewage in them. It is also spread by people who have not washed their hands after going to the toilet.

E. coli can be spread to playmates by toddlers who are not toilet trained or by adults who do not wash their hands carefully after changing diapers. Children can pass the bacteria in their stool to another person for 2 weeks after they have gotten well from an E. coli O157:H7 illness. Older children and adults rarely carry the bacteria without symptoms.

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