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 Is this a cold or flu?
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 Is it possible to get chicken pox twice?

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 Can someone have chickenpox twice?
I had it like two years ago. And now all of a sudden there's a blister on my lower lip. Can I have it again after 2 years? And now I have a sore throat. Is that possible?
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i would sleep,but when i do,i get really hot,but when i dont have a blanket on me,i feel cold
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 Chicken Pox twice??
My daughter is 4 and had a severe case of chicken pox about 6 months ago. She was sent home from school today with what appears to be a mild case of chicken pox again. She has not been unwell, but ...

 Am i dying slowly from a rare disease?
i am 31 year old married woman. normally healthy. for the last 2-3 months, been having strange symptoms. swollen nodes in neck and one in armpit, they kinda hurt at times. kinda off balance feeling, ...

 Never had a period? (Doctors or women only please!)?
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If one person has a cold in the house can someone else in the same house get the cold to?
my brother in law little girl has a bad cold i babysit her all day could i get her cold? or maybe even get the flu? i cant get the flu shot because i have a reaction from it. i cant getting sick because it lasts so long

yes, that's the way a cold is spread

The simple answer is YES you can catch it. But if you take precautions you don't have to worry about it.

Yes, you could get it. Hand-washing helps prevention. Also, do not touch your nose if you have just been in contact with a cold patient.

yes, my husband came home with a cold 4 days ago. I have it now and his is getting better. At least he has learned to share...lol

The common cold is the most contagious disease. Why is this so? It is a virus that causes it and not bacteria. A virus is smaller than a bacteria thus it can penetrate more and spread faster. Small doses of virus (1-30 virus particles) when introduced into the nose are sufficient to reliably produce infection. From the time a cold virus enters the nose, it takes 8-12 hours for the viral reproductive cycle to be completed and for new cold virus to be released in nasal secretions. This interval is called the incubation period.

Cold symptoms can also begin shortly after virus is first produced in the nose (10-12 hours). (13) The time from the beginning of the infection to the peak of symptoms is typically 36-72 hours.

shirley e
Yes you can catch her cold, those viruses spread very easliy!!!!!!

Yep. In fact, colds and flu are very contagious. The reason there are more colds and flus transmitted in the winter is not because of the decrease temperature. It's because more people congregate indoors breathing, hacking, sneezing and coughing all over each other. Snotting kids are a good source of germs.

Use good health practices. Make sure you are eating healthy, get plenty of sleep, and take a Multivitamin with vitamin C. Studies are shaky on if that helps but it couldn't hurt. Most importantly, wash your hands frequently. Just plain soap and water works great. In a pinch you can use the waterless sanitizers as they can be carried in a purse or kept in a drawer when soap and water are not about.

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