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If left untreated can the virus shingles kill you?

It is a breakout from the chicken pox or (Herpes virus) It could be accompanied by Bells Palsy. Its not life threatening, but can be miserable. A doctor should be notified.

It's the adult version of chicken pox, it is a virus that will go eventually.

I had it at the top of my nose and around one eye. I had to have treatment straight away as it could have damaged my brain. I was kept in hospital overnight and had all sorts of scans. Scary

scented rose
They used say that if the shingles were to go around your body and meet that was 'supposed ' to be dangerous ,shingles is the chicken pox virus in adults ,and nothing hits a virus ,it is a very common condition .

No, but you can be very,very ill with it. Shingles is quite nasty and can take 3 months to recuperate from.

When children are recovering from chickenpox, they sometimes become clumsy and unable to walk properly. This is due to inflammation in the cerebellum (a part of the brain) and is called ataxia. This can be alarming, but the symptoms will settle as the rash disappears. The child does not usually need any special treatment for this, and should recover normally. Occasionally, there is a rare complication which causes more swelling of the brain and this may cause confusion and fitting. This complication is called encephalitis and tends to mainly affect adults. This may be life-threatening. The chickenpox virus can, in rare cases, cause severe pneumonia. Usually, this only affects adults. If left untreated, this may cause death also. The remarks by “Oilcan” are true. The virus lies dormant. I add a link with details of this subject, containing internal links.


Hope this helps
matador 89

not sure, it might. but you will be in much pain. They use to treat shingles with wet compresses and Aspirin. So you could try that instead of going to the doctor.

Shaded Wise Man
I was diagnosed with it on my chest and all I was told to take was Ibruprofen. It went within 2 weeks and I didnt even take that medicine all the time. And that was 2 weeks ago.

holey moley
A very low chance of dying, but you will WISH you were dead because of all the pain.

No but shingles never go permanently away the chances are they will be back. I got them in my right shoulder and upper arm 2 years ago my Dr prescribed a course on some anti-bis that got rid of the blisters in a few days, and a cream by the name of Axsain which I use to this day the area can get very itchy from time to time and that cream gives almost instant relief.


Good Luck.

Vogon Poet
I doubt very much that it would kill a healthy adult.

Shingles is the recurrence of the virus 'chicken pox', however there is a theory that once infected the virus never truly leaves the body, but that it remains dormant in the nervous system. At times of distress or following some emotional shock, you get shingles. However I am unsure of the accuracy of this particular little gem of information.

The virus that causes shingles is the same that causes chicken pox (Herpes Zoster or Varicella Zoster virus), and remains latent after infection with chickenpox.

In immunocompetent people, shingles is a painful condition that usually goes eventually, with possibility of relapse.

In immunocompromised patients (e.g. AIDS), yes it can be fatal, e.g. VSV encephalitis (high mortality).

Dr Frank
Shingles is not a straight forward virus infection, but a reactivation of latent virus already in the body from a previous chickenpox infection. Chickenpox occasionally produces fatalities. Shingles deaths are much rarer still, probably being exclusively confined to the immuno-compromised.

Shingles is often left untreated, many doctors only prescribe anti-viral drugs in patients whose disease affects the face. This is partly because the anti-viral drugs are often not that effective, producing no more than a statistical drop in the risk of post herpetic neuralgia, rather than having a great effect on the disease, and partly because more that 50% of patients present too late in the disease to give the drugs at all. ( i.e. after the first 72 hours.)

No. A virus is usually self-limiting and resolves without intervention.

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