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 MMR vaccine?
Is there anyway to get individual vaccines for MMR. What I am asking is there anyway to get just a vaccine for the mumps and then later get a vaccine for rubella..etc,etc?...

 Have you had Chicken Pox? How old were you when you got it? Where did you get it?
I got it when I was four from my older sister, who got it from school....

 HIV mixed status relationships? What are your thoughts?
I am HIV neg, however I am in love with a man who has been HIV poz for years. What are your thoughts? Do you think it is ok! horrible! a no do! just want to hear your thoughts on it.

I am ...

 Can you get hepatitis by smoking a cigarette with them.?

 When a guy give you the last bite of his food what does that means?

 Do flu shots work very well?
Some people say they can give you the flu! Im just getting over what was probably the flu, and I don't want to go thru this again if I don't have to!...

 How many eggs do head lice lay a day?
My son caught head lice at school evry time I get rid of them a couple of days later his head is full of eggs again!!! I can't even see big ones... do the tiny ones lay eggs too? And how many ...

 Is impetigo contagious?
My doctor said its not, but when he gave me a paper it said it is....

 Yeast infection?
are there any over the counter medicines you can buy for a yeast infection?...

 Do I have a UTI?
My urine is very cloudy, almost milky white with "stuff" floating around in it. (Sorry to be graphic) Do you think I have something to worry about?
Additional Details
Low ...

 Types of Flu shot reactions?
This is the third year I have received a flu shot and fell ill 24 hrs later. I have a headache, runny nose and am nauseated with a slight fever. All the symptoms are minor but I just dont feel great ...

 Once you have chicken pox, how to get rid of the scars?
I am having maximum outbreaks on my face ? Also can I bathe everyday when i am having chickemn pox?...

 Is it possible to catch a cold when you already have one?
If I already have a cold but someone I live or work with also has a cold is it still possible for me to catch their cold, even though I already have one?...

 Is (hep-c) is cureable in early stage?

 What is the definition of a contagious disease?

 Chicken Pox??
I had the chicken pox a week ago and now I have scars what do I do??...

 My in-laws have shingles. How long should I keep them away from my children (who are 5, 3 and 1 year old)?
I think they were diagnosed last week. I'm wondering how much longer they are likely to be contagious....

 Could this be a staph infection?
My friends son just showed me a wound he has had for a month. it is about and inch and a half long and wide and is draining pus. It is very red...and he has had it for a month.


 What types of Diseases can you catch by using a public bathroom??

 Hepatitis C help?
I had blood work done and my hepatitis c antibodies test came back positive. My doctor said a 0 is normal and mine came back 0.1, not 1 but 0.1
He said my liver function was normal and I should ...

If a person has full blown aids do they pass on aids or h.i.v.?



Technically, people with full-blown AIDS are very sick people. They are prone to picking up infections from anyone, including the bacteria and other organisms that are naturally occurring in your body. Chances are these people are too unwell to be procreating.

Will they pass it on? I suppose you mean "are they infectious?" Of course they are.

If you really mean "will they pass it on" meaning from mother to unborn child, then the answer would be that it would be passed on unless the child is given anti-HIV (antiretroviral) medications.

However, someone with full-blown AIDS automatically means their HIV is uncontrolled and it probably would be too late to prevent the unborn child from getting it.

HIV. when the inmunological system are destroyed, so we can say the person has AIDS

HIV, then years down the line, it developes into AIDS.

A person with AIDS will pass on the virus known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus... When viral load becomes high enough and causes your body to destroy your T cells, you become ill with one or more of a group of illnesses that makes up what is known as AIDS.

HIV. It later develops into AIDS

They pass on the HIV virus.
FULL blown aids means that your T cell count has gotten down to a specific number.
Full blown aids is when the infections start, weight loss, neuropathies and a host of other problems what a person with no immune system can develope.

Hence HIV= being infected

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