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I think i might have strep throat, should i go to the hospital?
i have a high fever, my jaw, head and my neck hurt as well, i cant stop crying! i know im such a baby, but my throat is killing me!! Its late and my doctor is out of town, should i go to the hospital?

You should go to the Dr. It will not go away it will only get worse. I've had it several times...the sooner you go the better off you'll be.

Warren D
Yes. Go to the emergency room. Get someone to drive you if you can.

There are other possibilities besides strep and many of them are not good. You need to relieve your discomfort and get that fever down.

You might try eating a little ice cream if you have some available. It should help a little bit.

Go to the Emergency Center. You need help right away.

go to the ER. sounds like you need an antibiotic. the doctor needs to check it out.

yes. in my opion?

Sandra K
Try to find another doctor because you need antibiotics. Strep throat is caused by Streptococcus, a bacteria, and you need to be on antibiotics. I recommend that you drink alot especially herbal teas (Camomile is also good to gargle with).

You might check with your doctor's answering service or see if there is an urgent care center close to you.

If you think you may have strep throat yes see a doc now. Strep throat is contagious so better to be safe than sorry.

Megan B
You should definately go and get treated, but you might want to look into the idea of if there's an Urgent Care center near where you live that someone could drive you to for treatment. If not then definately go to the ER and get some antibiotics, but be prepared to spend awhile waiting, because you may be waiting a long time. How long you wait kind of depends on the hospital you go to [what services they offer - heart center, trauma center, etc] and how busy it is - and they tend to be busier on Friday nights. Yes your sore throat is very painful and uncomfortable, but it is not life threatening and expect the ER staff to take more critical cases before you. It's called triage meaning the more critical patients are seen first and your sore throat I'm sorry to say will not be seen as all that critical compared to many of the things seen in most ERs (car crashes, burns, heart attacks, strokes, etc). Those more critical patients will "out rank" you and therfore be treated before you even though you may have been there longer - sorry that's how ERs work.

That's why I suggest if there's one near you that's open later, try an Urgent Care, they'll offer the same services for you related to your likely strep throat but they don't generally deal with heart attacks, strokes, etc because those patients are usually squaded (driven by ambulance) into the ER.

Hopefully they'll be an Urgent Care open and near you (they'll get you in and out faster than the ER trust me) and if not hopefully the ER is mercifully empty and you can be seen quickly. Hope you feel better soon!

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