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She didn't use alcohol wipe......

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how can i make it better?


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Steve H
I have the flu I think how long should I let the diarrhea go before I get concerned?
I started throwing up on Tuesday night, I stoped about 12 hours after it started, however I still have diarrhea everytime I eat. I am taking anti-diarrheal med, but its not working? Could I have food poisioning instead? My stomach feels bloated and someone said the flu shouldn't last this long should I be more concerned?

mister rogers
Try mixing crackers with water and smush it together works every time. After that take a cup or two of prune juice to clean out your system. GOOD LUCK

O ya if you eat corn it will come out the way you eat it.

TMI. u've already 2 long. i would go 2 ur funeral, butt i don't no u

You shouldn't let the diarreah go for more than 2-3 days, because you are loosing fluids when you have it, and if you are sick, then loosing fluids is only going to make it harder to get well. Try adding some fiber to your diet and try a different anti-diarreal. Pepto-Bismol works for me, and you can get it in capsule form so you don't have to drink or chew it. Also, make sure you're taking a multi-vitamin. Hopefully you won't be sick much longer!

i recently had the same symptoms, and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis (stomach flu). it could take 2 to 3 weeks for your bowels to return to normal, but if your stomach problems persist, get checked for appendicitis

sandy l
as long you are taking in more or equal amounts of fuilds to what you put out along with salt and sugar matching too your fine
the diarrhea is your bodies way treating the illness.
at some point you might have one sore rear end when that happens you could consider some anti-Diarrhea med but best to let it run its coarse as long as you get enough fuilds.
i dont think you have food poisioning but if you are aware that you ate some food that was really in question then if you get feeling worse go to the doctors but still dont take the anti-Diarrhea med unless your at the point its just to sore to keep doing that .

You're fine and it's not really the flu, although people call it that; it's a stomach virus. If you don't have the vomitting anymore, the diarrhea may just be the result of the irritating foods that your newly settling system is rejecting. Try and stick to the following foods ONLY until you've had a normal stool:
Plain rice (unbuttered)
plain pasta (unoiled)
plain white bread (not croissants or anything oily)
Daily yogurt ( Dannon fruit on the bottom is best b/c it has Acidophilus), but no other dairy.
bananas THAT'S IT.
Stay away from drinking anything sugary. Water and Gatorade are great. I promise you in one or two days, you'll be good as new.
Holy cow, I just saw someone recommend prune juice!!! Do NOT drink prune juice. It will give you a more severe diarrhea!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Keep yourself hydrated. If you can, get Pedialyte pops. They have the electrolites needed to replenish what you have lost. These are freezer pops that they give to kids when they are sick but they are great for adults too. You can get them at most grocery stores in the pharmceutical aisle. They work great and they don't have all of the excess sugar that a lot of others have.
If you can keep those down, try the Banana's, Rice, Applesauce & Toast (dry) diet. If you continue to have diahhrea or if you notice large amounts of blood, contact your Doctor. Good Luck!!

Mary K
If you're vomiting, you don't have the flu. There is no such thing as a stomach flu...influenza is a respiratory illness, not a stomach virus. Stomach viruses are usually linked to gastroenteritis, but can also be related to food poisoning. You might want to go to a doctor to find out exactly what you have. In the mean time, drink plenty of liquids (water, broth), and try eating dry foods (crackers, dry toast).

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