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I have hep c.Will it kill me?How long can I live with it?
I have been told that the treatment is worse than the hep c.Therefore,I have chosen not to be treated with interferon.

No it will not kill you. There is no curable treatment for it though, but you can control it with medication. See your Doctor.

Hubby Fred has hep C. When he did interferon, he was sick and sleepy and couldn't get out of bed. Right now, he feels fine and refuses to do more interferon. He's active and the doctor hasn't told him he was going to die.

Pamela Anderson has Hep C and she seems fine with living with it.

I would atleast try the treatment, just so you know first hand you don't want to do it because it is worse.

Good Luck

considering there are over 150 extrahepatic symptoms or "bi-directional diseases of having hepatitis c, ranging from skin rashes to depression, to kidney disease to cancer of the liver! truthfully (and sometimes it hurts to be truthful) your only chance of a cure come in two ways:

your body fights it off naturally (right chemical makeup to fight it)
or :
interferon and Ribavirin- "antiviral chemotherapy".

please DO NOT let fear ruin your chance of recovery and a possible cure! antiviral chemotherapy!

you should at least TRY the treatment! it really isn't all that bad. this is coming from someone who had Hcv infection since the age of 8 (if not longer). by the time they figured out what was making me so ill (at 34) i was happy to have a diagnosis-as Hcv had totally ruined my childhood, my teenager years and my adult hood.

i had hair loss, heart palpitations, depression skin rashes, lethargy to the point i lost out on my kids growing up. i was forgetfull, anxious (panic attacks) and just didn't exist!

antiviral chemotherapy was a GODSEND! i am now virus free-post 5 years and am considered cured.

there are NO ALTERNATIVES to treat with. given Hcv complexities and bi-directional diseases, had they have found out years ago what it was and had a treatment, i would of done it all over again.

i no longer am "misdiagnosed". i do not have to take antidepressants and no longer take naps or sleep 18 hours a day.

do not let fear ruin your chance of comeplete recovery!
herbs, flushes, cleanses, ionic therapies, urine therapy, juices-it's all a HOAX!

just take it from someone who has tried it all-even before i knew what was exactly wrong-they CURE NO ONE OF ANY DISEASE!

Hcv is not just a liver disease-it is found in all tissues and organs. over time the millions of different virons (quasispecies) takes a toll on the body as a whole, including the brain!

ask your doctor about antiviral chemo...it's not as bad as others make it out to be....by a long shot. yes, you will feel tired, yes, there will be days you have no energy you may be sick to your stomach-but the Hcv can do exactly the same very thing on it's own!

you have a better chance clearing the virus (regardless of genotype) if you treat early!

i'm sorry, but i'd rather feel like crap for 6 months to 48 weeks and get that crud out of my body!

think about it!

*Milk Thistle is the only beneficial herb-it reduces swelling associated with chronic Hcv infection and lowers alt and ast-but it is not a CURE-Hcv still replicates and does it's damage!

Naomi Judd contracted this disease years ago. Search the web for information on how she has treated hers. There's hope. Hugs.

Mildred S
there is a hep c the neighborhood web site that has a lot of good information.
they have message boards / postings you can read, live chat in real time with other members and live chats with doctors/ nurses that treat this disease.


hep c is a very slow progeressing disease. i would look into the treatment and get many opinions. you might want to try treating it for the six month. six months can go fast. you might be one of the lucky ones that respond to it. i have heard that you can die from it , but that it is more likely that you will die from other causes because it's slowly progressing. good luck to you.

billy s
I have had hep C for 20 yrs now.For 15 of them I partied all the time.I've been clean 5 yrs and get constant liver tests done.I got a biopsy last yr and it came back that my liver is perfectly healthy.So take care of yourself.You can live a very long time if you take care of yourself.There is a good herb called Milk Thistle that is an antioxident for the liver.

Naomi Judd has had this and treated it with alternative meds and nutrition instead of the interferon. That stuff is bad for you! I would at least try the alternative FIRST.

Good nutrition, glandular support, supplements, Theraputic grade essential oils (check out http://www.youngliving.us) and rest can help.

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