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Pls. dont tell me to go to a doctor because I already did that!
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 Why is man flu worse??!!?
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No blood does not taste ...

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 Im a regular drinker and usually afected by tonsils but cant stay off the bottle?
tonsils always inflamed bocoz of heavy drinking cant stay off the bottle always feel nocius have to vomit every day to clear ...

 Once when i was a little stupid 10 year old, i 'got more oxygen' by pointing the hair dryer in my mouth.
the next day, i had tonsilitis. Is there a connection with my hair dryer stunt and tonsilitis?
Additional Details
yeah, but did i dry out my tonsils or something?...

 What the best remedy for the flu?
I have a horrible sore throat, achy, tired.
And I am in my sisters wedding in 3 days. I NEED to get better!...

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 Is there any treatment for ankylosing Spondilitus?

 Exactly how much raw unrefrigerated ground chicken do you need to eat in order to get ill?
i think might be sick, because i accidently ate a mini-meatball sized piece of two-day unrefrigerated raw ground chicken (loonng story) will i definitely be ill now? like, hospital ill? can i die??...

Happy now
I ate chicken that wasnt cooked all the way. what are my chances of getting sick?
heres the deal i was eating chicken and i assumed it was cooked all the way. then when i opened it up. it was still raw in side. i didnt eat any of the raw chicken. will i get sick still?

If you weren't sick in 20 minutes, you're not going to be.

Right, the first poster was right. it is unlikey, but possible. I would just watch for these sympotms. Hope you don't have any problems. good luck! :)

Salmonella Symptoms

Salmonella symptoms begin anywhere from 12 hours to three days after eating contaminated food.

Symptoms include:

Abdominal cramps
Loss of appetite

Unlikely that you will get sick. Most illnesses from the ingetstion of undercooked meats comes within the first few hours after consumption. It is usually accompanied by fever, a lot of vomiting, stomach cramps, loose stool. If you have not gotten ill yet you will probably not get ill.

It's possible but unlikely.

As previous posted stated it is unlikely, but this happened to me once and I ended up with e.coli. Not pleasant!!! If you start getting a tummy ache 3 to 4 days after consumption get to the doctor right away! I did not know anything was wrong until I had blood in my number two and became VIOLENTLY sick. They will give you pills to calm your stomach as well as antibitoics and Vicodin. Expect to be sick for a month and then get sick everytime you eat a large serving of food, for me it's any kind of meat. It can damage your intestines and stomach permanently. I am MUCH more cautious now when eating foods cooked by others and cooking my own!

It's unlikely.

When did this happen? If you haven't felt any effects and it's been a few days, you'll be fine.

Because you didn't eat the raw part (which was still partially cooked), you might not have even consumed enough to get really sick. Your body has defenses against these sorts of things.

Hope you're okay - don't convince yourself you're going to get sick - you will!

Good luck!

It's unlikely but not impossible. You most likely will be fine since you did not eat any of the raw chicken.

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