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I AM ALWAYS COLD. What is wrong with me?

ur like me-a cold harted ***** xx

Jimmy Conway
you are a female.

jackie n
you suffer from bad circulation a prescription of iron and Magnesium would boost your immune system...also improve your diet eat more carbohydrates and plenty of vitamin enritched foods

Akshat R
Don't worry, nothing is wrong witrh you. Your heat tempreature is not adjusted. I suggest you always are in a cold place(dont think Im crazy), for a couple hours, and then immediatly go to a hot place, it gets rid of all the cold

your dead

Rick J
Wake up, you are a fridge freezer, what did you expect?

I am always cold too!! I usually have low blood pressure and am slim but at the moment i am 37 weeks pregnant so not so slim and blood pressure is normal!!! And i am always warm - hotter than my husband which is pretty abnormal.

Before pregnancy my husband and i tested our body temperatures and his was about 36.4 and mine is 37.2 so it would make sense i would always feel colder than him.

Have ya blood pressure tested but i reckon you are like me and just a chilly one - the only thing i found that solved it short term is the pregnancy but that is a little drastic!!

Just do what ya have always done and put on another layer -

You could have anemia or low blood pressure, there are actually several medical reasons for being cold all the time. Are you under weight or very thin? Do you have an eating disorder? Usually that contributes to being "cold all the time. "

stan j
your living in England maybe?

I am always cold to, mostly my feet, hands and nose!!!

Dr Frank
There may be no underlying pathology, but the classical condition that might make you feel like this is hypothyroidism or under- active Thyroid. There is often a family history, slow pulse and dry Skin and hair. Weight gain is also sometimes a problem. Pop and see your practice nurse or GP, a simple blood test can exclude this problem.

poor circulation get more exercise

The West Coast Avenger
Maybe it's not you, it's your job. You need to get a job that allows you to buy a sweater.

eil ashti
try to consult your doctor because it maybe a respiratory problems or either skin problems...

Is your body weight too low perhaps? Those with anorexia usually feel cold because they don't have enough body fat to keep warm. Perhaps you have an iron deficiency. It could even be a sign of having diabetes or problems with your Thyroid. In fact there are many possible reasons. That's why it's a good idea to get checked out by a doctor. :-)

your to skinny

Janet S
have your Thyroid checked you may have hypothyroidism.

itsa o
you need someone like me to warm you up

Get your Thyroid tested it can cause symptoms of feeling cold all the time.
Good luck

are you skinny if you are then that could be the answerer but if you live in Britain you are bound to be cold

Your thermostat's busted.
My wife's is too.
Don't know why, maybe poor circulation?

The answer that says low blood pressure and Thyroid is correct but there could be more underlying problems. Please go and have a really good health check just to make sure what the actual cause is. Good Luck

Ash W
I feel the cold to, ever in summer. It could be that you are thin and don't have much body fat to insulated you. It could also be your core body temperature. A normal body temperature should fall between 36.1 - 37.8 degrees Celsius or 97-100 degrees far henhiet. You may find that you body temperature is at the lower end of the normal range. Even half a degree can be a big difference. You may also have circulation problems.

I hope this helps

Aimee L
low blood pressure,Thyroid,are a few things to check.

You need to get your blood checked as could have Thyroid problem or need iron.

doc j

There is quite a bit of variation amongst people when it comes to their sense of the outside temperatures. Often one person might report feeling hot, whereas the person standing next to him/her and wearing the same clothes feels fine!

There are several reasons for this (e.g. are you very thin?), but one of them is variation in the body's basal metabolic rate (BMR). As the name suggests, this is the average resting rate that the body performs it's various metabolic processes. All metabolic processes release heat, and so the 'higher' the BMR, the warmer the person feels.

So, basically, you probably have a slightly lower than normal BMR, and that's why you feel cold. If this is true, then this is just a NORMAL variation, so don't worry.

The one thing we doctors DO usually check for in this sort of case is Thyroid disease. Having an underactive Thyroid (for whatever reason) pathologically lowers your BMR, and patients commonly report feeling cold when other (normal) people don't. This usually involves a simple blood test, and may help to put your mind at rest.

Hope this helps!

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