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 Can't kick fever - return to dr??
Well, 4 days ago I started feeling crummy (aches, chills, weak, loss of appetite). I developed a chest cough and a 101 fever so I headed into the doc. I am on my 3rd day with the Z pack and ...

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vovo....are you stalking me?Whatever I am very far from you so I ...

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How to lower a fever in a 3 year old?
she has asthma is three years old and has already been to the emergency room once
Additional Details
has been taking ibuprofen for a day and a half

Santa 38 seeks Young Miss Santa

She needs plenty of fluid, water, pedialite, gatorade, apple juice. If her fever is 104 a cool water bath with cold rag on her head will help bring fever down. Don't let her get a chill. Make sure the room is warm. Only do this with a high fever. With any fever every few minutes keep putting fluid in her.

Asthma in children or anyone benefits from eating apples, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables. Even extra ketchup on her hamburger is good. Forget fast foods of all kind. Watermelon and grapefruit are good to fight off asthma.

Avoid gas stoves, any chemicals, pets

You stay calm, because it will calm her down. She needs to breathe slowly through her nose.

Teach your daughter to pray. Praying has a calming effect on children. Advair has horrible side effects. I hope your daughter is not on this medicine. She is too young I'm sure. She needs a ventilator of some kind to help her breathe. Even a wet rag under her nose can help some. Breathing in a brown bag helps. No corn oil, no mayonaise, no margarine - try Canola oil. Olive oil.
Furry pets, stuffed animals are a no, no. Dust and vacuum often. If you collect antiques - stop it. If you collect dust collectors, put them up or dust every day.

If your daughter gets worse, you go back to that emergency room. There is nothing more frightening than not being able to breathe.

lots of liquids and she will pee the fever out

norman j
switch off between children's Motrin and children's Tylenol. They work differently and the child will not build up an immunity to either of them this way.

and see above for cool baths and Popsicles.

if it's over 102 call a doctor.. go to the ER.. get her some help!! ASAP!!
you can get Tylenol for infants.. just make sure she's not taking anything else that contains Acetaminophen.. you don't want to overdose her..
otherwise try putting slices of potato in her socks.. OR.. put cold towels on her forehead while she's resting... home remedies.. always worked for me..

the potato one is gross.. but somehow it works.. trust me =]

If the fever isn't breaking with the aid of meds. and tepid sponge baths, then she obviously has an infection which will require antibiotics.

give her a tepid bath, let her eat popsicles. If her temp is over 101, she will likely need antibiotics, if not, then it's just a matter of rest and time and lots of fluids.

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