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 Ok here the worst case of strep throat i need help asap?
here i've had it for about a week now just laying down at home taking few medic. now my spit is very thick and long, now i cant eat and every time i swallow its like im gonna swallow my whole ...

 Who believes that the man who had TB?
was a guinea pig and went to Europe to spred the TB? I find it strange that his father-in-law is a microbiologist for the CDC in Atlanta, GA. Who else smells something fishy about this?...

 Can humans catch upset tummys from a dog. Our dog has been ill with upset tum?
and now my daughter has got similar thing has she caught it from the dog or just a coinsidence....

 How can I improve my immune system, I have allergies and always get colds?

 Is it possible for the common cold to kill you?

 Why does cold and sore throat go worse when your at work?
Am at work with a runny nise and sore throat, my ears are blocked too...

In the morning i was fine.(i did have tiny little sore throat coming up...i thought i be ok for work...


 Tetanus shot queston PLEASE HELP?
About how big is the needle (compare it to something please)

how bad dose it hurt?

i need help with these questions because it has been 10 years since i have had one! PLEASE HELP...

 Is hemophila transmittable?
MY boyfirned has hemophila and i was wondering is there any way I could get this?...

 Is this symptons of the Norwalk Virus?
I have cramps in my stomach, headaches and feel a bit out of it, tired, needing a wee every half hour or so and runny poo but not like diareha. Sorry to be so graphic in details but don t really know ...

 What is the hospital bug cdif?

 What are some tips for getting over and avoiding a cold?
or at least speed up the getting over!...

 Do you know what the African sleeping disease is caused from?

 How is meningitis contracted?

 Kissing disease...?
my bf has got glandular fever we have kissed
i'm really worried that i will catch it ....

 Any suggestions on how to cure pinkeye?
I'm in college right now and don't have the time to go to the doctor till Friday, is there something else I could do? Like a 'home remedy'? I've never had this before and ...

 Does vulnerability to HIV infection lead to one being susceptible to it or is it vice versa?

 Hep c question?
hello i was wondering about something. last night me and my sister got into a argument and there was some light pushing going on.i think she scratched me on my hand and im worried if i can get hep c ...

 Does anyone know about the disease, Impetigo?
Because we got a notice home from my school today saying that it is spreading around, and a few other kids from other school discricts have actually died from it. Do you know what it is and how to ...

 How can I get better??
I've been sick since Mon.
Sore throat, throwing up, headache, no appitate, stomachache, fever, i went to the doctor and he said that i did not have strep, but it's like a viruse. I ...

 How can i have a strong immune systems?

How long does it take to get over a virus?
Both my 19 month old son and I were really ill with a virus over the weekend, I was feverish, aching, very weak, suffering from sickness and nausea, generally really unwell.

My son vomited a few times but being a healthy little toddler, quickly threw it off and is back to his old self now.

I on the other hand feel terrible! OK the fever, chills and sickness have gone but I feel washed out, weak, achy, and generally really unwell. I'm worried as I have to work this weekend and I really can't afford to throw another sickie as I'm only a temp and don't get paid for sick days.

When can I expect to feel better?!
Additional Details
texandc - interesting, thanks, everyone's trying to force food down me and I don't really want it but I keep thinking I *need* to eat to get better . . .

over the next week i think
see a docter!!
im sorry you aren't feeling well

it could take up to three weeks , and the virus will always be with you !
plenty of fluids and pain killers is all you can do , also plenty of rest , bed rest is best but I know that is a tall order with a little one , but try if you can as that is the key good luck get well soon

from24 hours to 2 weeks

As long as is need, don't rush it.

But usually after 24 hours under treatment.

It can take a week or so to get over it. You should go the health food store and get something to boost you immune system.

Depending on many variables...typically 7 days you feel better and by 10 days it will pretty much gone.

Give yourself every advantage by getting your rest, and if your are taking a supplement with iron...STOP till you feel better. If you feel that you have no appetite..don't force yourself to eat...you actually heal better on a restricted calorie diet.

Usually it resolves in several days, but it can take you weeks to feel like your old self, especially if it is the flu. Better to miss this weekend then to overexert yourself and get worse.

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