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How long does it take to catch a cold?!?
My sister visted me a couple of days ago and is now blaming me for her cold!

How long does it take from coming into contact with it to coming down with symptoms?

depend how good u r at catching !!! :D lol

Incubation period for a viral cold is less than a week. Before 7 days and depending on how strong your immune system is, you can already see symptoms of the cold.

Best way to prevent flu is by getting your flu shots yearly.


It depends on whether the viruses got inside of you!

Providing they did, you'll notice them within about 6 hours.

it depends, u usually catch a cold rigfht away but it could take up to a week to feel/ have any symptoms

Tom P
1 day

anywhere from 24 hours to 4 or 5 days for symptoms of a cold/flu to show.

Shaun and Nikolas's Mom.
It could have been you or someone else.

Does she go out in public? cold viruses are airborne.

And why is she blaming you? she could have left once she saw you were sick.

Catching a cold is not as it seems. If you come in contact with a cold pathogen your body may not necessarily become sick. However if your body does not recognize the disguise of the pathogen you will get what we call a cold or other forms of illness. Your body has a long list of things that it is protected against and is why some people get less sick than others. if you do get sick it takes from one hour to 6 hours before you feel the ailments of your sickness

Lilly T
it depends on your white blood cell count the more white blood cells you have the longer it will take if it even does occur 'cause your white blood cells fight off bad things that inhabit your blood the more you have the longer it will take, the avrage person will take any where from a few hours to a few days to catch a cold.

Arthur K
Three days in my experience. Eat lots of Garlic.

one 1/billionth of a second

Depends on how fast you are.

umm well lets c...op i just got it ~:I

i think it depends on your immunity. you might not even catch it and you might just be a carrier

but i think generally if you catch the cold, you start showing symptoms in a week

You "catch" the cold right away, but usually don't exhibit symptoms for 24-48 hours after exposure.

Tina K.
With a common cold, person to person contamination usually occurs. An infected person will pass their virus by leaving their germs on a surface for you to touch later. After touching this surface you touch your nose or mouth, thus picking up the infected person’s germs. You can also catch a cold by encountering or breathing secretions someone has sneezed into the air.
So you can usually catch a cold automatically when you come into contact with cold germs, but don't show signs until 48 hours later.

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