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How long does it take Zithromax Z-Pak Oral to work?

Seymour Glass
take 2 caps ( = 500 mg) on the first day and then
1 cap (250mg) on each succeding day ( for a total of
6 to 7 days)
any antibiotic should take effect after 48 hours of
begining of the treatment ( if chosen properly)
Azithromycin is useful for Upper resp. tract infections
(eg. pharyngitis, sinusitis,...)

take care, and don't self-medicate!

When I took it I felt a difference by the second dose but I had to be taken off du to an allergic reaction. Red bumps everywhere. Hope that does not happen to you. Good luck and feel better soon.

Merry Christmas


Amy D
I just finished mine. I started to feel better after 2 days, then continued to improve every day.

It should begin to work immediately, but you probably won't notice a big difference for a day or two.

According to the CPS (Compendium of Pharma specialties), Zithromax achieves peak levels in your blood 2.5 hours after taking an oral dose. Usually within 1 or at max 2 days, you should feel better.
Hope this helps ;and remember, take ALL of the drug--do not stop if you feel better. That way, you'll ensure that all toxic levels of bacteria are killed off and the infection won't recur.
Merry Christmas!

I guess it depends on what you are taking it for, but by the time you take your second dose you should be feeling better. I take 5 day z-pack all the time for tooth infections from sinuses, and the biggest difference usually comes after i'm done, since it continues to work for 14 days.

Ahh, the ever so famous Z-Pak. It takes 24 hours for it to completely travel through your body and attack the infection. When you hit the 24 hour mark you will no longer be contagious, Hope this helps.

Bradley's MoM
Usually by the third day you should feel noticeably better. I took it while pregnant for a very bad chest and head cold, it only cleared it up about 80% but usually z-paks work really well.

You cannot spread the infection after 24 hours. I have felt better within 12 hours...I have remained ill on it...it depends!

I really like Z-pak I usually get better by second day!!!

both times ive been prescribed zpak it took about 2 days to start working so I felt a difference. I had pneumonia (SP)
and by the third day it didnt feel like i had a piece of rebar in my chest.

good luck happy holidays and feel better soon

The Journeyman
I heard its about 3 days, and the medicine stays in your system for 5 days past when you finish taking them. So you need to make sure you don't drink alcohol for at least 10 days past when you start.

kellie r
2 days

depends. they have 3 day, 5 day & 7 day packs.
Just make sure to FINISH the whole thing, feeling better or not because Z-packs (like most antibiotics), DO NOT work if they're not completed!

Journey-ing my way through life!
1-2 days

Turd Ferguson
whenever i take that medication I usually feel much better by end of day 2. By day 3 you should really notice a difference though.

One or two days for you to start feeling better. With PenV-K you will notice a difference within hours.

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