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 Do i have the flu?
i exercised two days ago and now i have extreme soreness in my back and arms, to the point where ill wake up in the middle of the night from it. i have pain in my throat, sinuses/ eyes, neck, and ...

 What does it mean when u have a reoccuring yeast infectoin. For ex. you get every month a week b4 your period?

 Why is vaccine for AIDS is not possible?

 Childhood immunisations - too many and too dangerous?
My partner is against all immunisations and we are currently discussing what we are not going to opt for when our child is born. We're not going to have the MMR for certain but will prob opt ...

 EWW! Yuck! Please help!!?
My mom just broke out with cold sores on her mouth the other day. I know that they are very contagious and we have a lot of birthdays in our family this week and I don't want my kids to be ...

 In Urine seen blood one or two drop it is dangerous?

 A big massive lumpy lump!!! HELP!?
i just noticed a massive lump on my back just underneath my shoulder blades, could it be an infection?...

 My son is 22 months and has been throwing up ( sick bug) for 10 hours now?
If i give him even the smallest amount of water he throws it up, im worried he isn't having fluids, is there anything else i could give him?

thanks :)...

 Could it be staph infection?
i have a weird thing on my thigh... and staph is going around my school. it looks like 3 bites of some kind. I read on the internet that staph could sometimes be mistaken as bites, so my question is ...

 Help help!!!?

 Fever question?
I heard that it's good to drink ice water when you're freezing cold from a fever. Is this true? Please answer--I'm freezing cold from a fever right now!

(help me make it all ...

 What is the final stage of Cirrhosis of the Liver?
What symptoms tell you that the final stage has arrived and there is no chance of survival?...

 I am a janitor and would like to know where i can get info on cleaning a room contaminated with scabies?
like what kind of chemicals to use and who should clean it, me or medical staff. the place i work at is a residential holding facility for illegal immagrants.the medical department is ran by dhs, ...

 Jock itch?
I think because of sports and weather, I got jock itch. I went to the doc years ago, prescribed the cream etc... it healed temporally. I even used tea tree oil, some advice to put 'yogurt that ...

 Hepatitis c?
my little sister donated blood at a blood drive for school and got a letter in the mail a few weeks later saying they couldnt accept her blood because of hepatitis c. my mom said that my dad tried to ...

 Why can't mosquitoes spead AIDS?

 Can you catch a cold right after the flu?

 Are UTI's contageous?

 How to know if one is HIV positive?
What are the HIV symptoms for knowing that one is HIV positive?...

 Should a teacher who is being treated (IV 2x/day) for MRSA staph infection be working closely with children?
How great is the risk for students whose teacher is being treated for a MRSA staph infection. Also, what is the risk for fellow teachers? The infected teacher also has bronchitis. The teachers ...

How long does HIV survive?
How long will HIV survive in air on a dental instrument for example.

it's not an air born disease as sure it cannot survive more a second out side the body

Very short viable infectious span at room temperatures...measured in less than a minute. On dental equipment...nope, not going to happen...takes warm blood or body fluids to do that. Even in body fluid, if it gets cold, the hiv cannot infect any longer.

HIV survives in a person's body throughout his life as it cannot be fought by our immune system.HIV directly affects our immune system by destroying all white-blood cells and the person is prone to all dangerous diseases .

phil w
Its not an air born virus only in blood or bodily fluids

Since HIV is a virus - it can last for a very long time on a surface. The way we kill it in the laboratory is to wash the tops of the laboratory bench top in a 10% clorox solution for 10 minutes or put our tools into and incubator and sterilize them. Once the virus has been oxidized and denatured it is no longer viable.

To Answer your question more specifically scientist have found frozen cadavers that died from the 1918 Spanish Flu virus and they have been able to take tissue sample and regrow the Spanish Flu virus - so what is that - it is about 88 years that the Spanish Flu Virus has survived. I would guess that the Aids virus is just as hardy.

So make sure your dentist sterilizes your dental instruments before using them on you.

For the rest of your life. There isn't a cure...yet.

HIV survives for a very short time outside the body -- mere seconds at most. Unless you're going to a VERY cheap dentist, you have nothing to worry about.

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