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 Is a mild flu with fever 38.3 dangerous?
I had a flu with fever of 38.3 for three hours about a week ago. I've seen the doctor and I had an antibiotics, temperature didn't come back . I was 16 weeks then. Do you think it is ...

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Additional Details
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 Recurring strep throat?
About a month ago, I was diagnosed with strep throat (104 fever, chills, white cultures, the works). No strep test was given. I finished a 10 day course of Amoxicillin (500mg, 3x/day) and felt fine. <...

 There are so many smart people in the world why can't they all come together and find a cure for aids or cance
There are people who have blown throught school and colleges before they have hit puberty written books on every subject know to man. But still millions of people are effected with aids and million ...

How long are antibiotics good for? I have an antibiotic from about a year ago, though was just prescribed...?
the same antibiotic I have. I don't have insurance and really cannot afford to get more. Is it okay to use it?

Helen Scott
Check the expiration date on the antibiotic. (although you're really not suppose to use them after the date, I do....and I've never had a problem.)

cheryl m
go to the ER they will bill you
giant eagle has a really cheap plan where you can get generic prescriptions for 4$ and wal-mart also does this and super k-mart is doing this now too
red cross gives vouchers for prescription for about 50$
but no your meds are to old

Moxie Crimefighter
I was always told that an antibiotic is good for about a year.

Paula from Maple Street
"They" say to throw out any drugs that are a year old. If you truly can't afford to go legit, it's really close to a year, and the pills have been properly stored, I'd probably chance it.

The bottle should have an expiration date on it. Medication usually losses potency after a certain date, and some antibiotics may lose effectiveness. I would call your doctor and ask just to be sure. Otherwise, don't take it.

Check to see if it has a date on it. Also, just go in the drug store and check with the Pharmacist. It may still be good, but you want to be sure.

marshall y
You should have finished that antibiotic a year ago as the doctor had prescribed. A major problem facing hospitals in particular is antibiotic resistance, which is created when the original infection is not killed completed (due to lack of taking all the antibiotics), and the infection will no longer respond to that antibiotic.

The antibiotic is probably no good any more, especially If opened. There should be an expiration date On the bottle.

Most antibiotics if they are are in liquid form are good for 7 to 10 days as long as they are refrigerated, a pill form is good for about a year ,they are just not as potent as before call your local pharmacy and check. Most antibiotics are not expensive.It's better to be safe then sorry.

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