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 Can you get AIDS from blood to blood contact through a person that is not infected with the AIDS HIV virus?
can someone give me hard facts that this is not possible because my idiot friend is so sure that the HIV virus is created when you mix two types of blood together even if they are both HIV negative. I...

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 How To Get Rid Of Hemmoroids??
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 How do i heal my throat?
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 Is there a diesease that?
is there a name for somthing that make someone seem unamotional, dosnt think of other peoples feelings forgetful and no consience i no someone like this and i think it is messesing his life up.

 Does anybody know if malaria is an infectious desiese ?
theres that guy that works with my mother in her job who is infected with malaria and she was wondering if the malaria is an infectious disiese plz if u dunno dnt answer...
a doctor ...

 How do you know when a verruca has gone?
I've had a really deep one for a while, and I've picked away all the black dots but I don't know if that is the actual verruca. What does it look like?...

 How do you get rid of a fever?

 I found out I have pink eye and strep throat last Tuesday. I'm a teacher. When am I safe to be around kids?
I'm bored and worried about my students...I've been off three days. Still feeling crappy but if I'm not contageous...oh well....
Should I go to work or not...I have to make a ...

 Can i drink alcohol with strep throat?
i have a formal party coming up that i really wanted to attend but i was diagnosed with strep throat a couple of days ago... I feel much better now all the symptoms are pretty much gone (i do have to ...

 How much cocaine is deadly?
how much cocaine can a person do in one sitting without dieing
or like how much is average to do ?...

 How to get rid of a tapeworm?
i was told that one way to get rid of a tapeworm is to stand upside down with a bowl of warm milk near your face for 10-15 mins and then you would throw up the worm...is this tru.. pls help!...

 My daughter who is only 11mths is being tested for e-coli how could she have this?

 Hand swollen after scratch from cat.?
Cat scratched me really bad on back of hand where veins are. Swelled up badly, still painful although think its because its on the vein. Do I need a Tetanus. Cant remember last time having Tetanus, ...

 Will everyone get a payout like Leslie Ash for catching MRSA in hospital?
And will they get it as quick! Very doubtful.
Additional Details
If, by reports of a family 'tiff' at the time she ended up in hospital, why should she get anything anyway. Her ...

 Bird Flu....Anybody know what happened to the dreaded Bird-Flu NH 11 that was going to decimate the planet....
Did they 'Fix it' or forget it ? Are we STILL all going to die once it mutates to pigs or was it just another terror story to sell drugs ?...

 Does anyone else think the way Mr. Speaker is being treated is wrong? (TB patient in the news)?
Yes the man has TB but they're acting like he's got the EBOLA virus for crying out loud!

The govt is just trying to cover their own butts in my book. Lots of people could have ...

 NEVER had NAUSEA so bad!Everyones sick in my house w/tummy flu affected everyone diff DON'T HAVE INSURANCE
My roommate, her sister & 2 babies have all been hit with a "stomach virus bug" and has affected everyone differently. We are all under the same roof right now & It "hit" ...

 How can i prove that i have been vacinated for MMR?
i am 27, was vacinated as a minor but now i need to prove it for my foreign ...

How high should I let my temperature get before i go to the hospital?
I have been sick for a long time, my fever has ranged from 101-102 for the past 4 days. Ibuprofen and Tylenol arent working. Im wondering how high i should let the temperature get before i do something about it. I basically have two questions, How high is too high. (what temperatures) and what should i do about this fever?

if your fever is not responding after a few days i would go to the hospital to be safe. 102 is pretty high for 4 days without it breaking. it could be serious if its been that long. i would see your doctor or just go to the hospital if i were you.

You are there. Go to the ER NOW!

if you are an adult i wouldn't let it stay too much on 102 but then again it hs to be infection. if you are child its already to high and therefore you should see the doctor. if it gets higher then 102 o I would run to doctor its serious and bad.

104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. Your body can have convulsions if you go over these temperatures. It is really not good to be higher than this.

What is the fever caused by?

Thomas H
for 4 days get to the damn hospital you should not have a fever for 4 days

Kate R
if it gets up to 103 call your doctor
104 or 105 ..emergency room it!

At that point it's relatively low-grade - but left untreated and unexplained too long can open you up to complications - for instance , if your illness requires antibiotics or other treatment . Your family doctor could probably help you ; but left too long you will need the E.R. At fever of around 104-105 , one could go into hallucinations ..but at this point you've gone too many days with a low-grade fever and that's not good either .

103 at its highest

103-104 is considered dangerous.
105-106 convulsions and brain damage

Reverend Black Grape
101-102 is not uncommon, but for a sustained period such as you have experienced it is quite dangerous. Get yourself to a doctor ASAP.

have you been to the doctor? You should have went today. I think it is the spike that you should worry about if it goes up to 103 or 104 definitely go but 101 is alright but call the doctor tomorrow morning first thing. If your temp goes up any more go to the doctor. Do different things to lower your temperature. take a cool bath and wear loose clothing. use a cool cloth on your forehead etc...(just cool or warm cool nothing so cold that it will make you shiver this will only raise your temperature later --drink cool fluids and relax. take fever reducer.

more than 5 days or over 104 call the doctor or go to the ER--I would still call tomorrow though.

here are some weird things that I have heard but never tried.
Putting sliced onions in your socks--okay..
fry Garlic in shea butter until black take out pieces and then rub it on your body like neck and back
drinking apple cider vinegar with honey
marigold tea

a temperature is good though it means your body is fighting an infection I remember in Science class in junior high our teacher told us our immune system was like an army and the body raises the temp to tell them to fight and when we take Tylenol it tricks the body to thinking their fight is over.

I have had some pretty high temperatures myself when I was a kid--the highest a hundred and five, I am still alive with no brain damage (that I know of) and never had any convulsions from it.

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