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sabrina t
How does strep throat feel like?
how does strep throat feel like?is it serious?my throat just hurts bad and some people have been getting strep throat at school so i was wondering
Additional Details
it just hurts really bad no headaches or anything...
it's not going around the whole school just one girl had it and i never really hang out with her so yea...i think its just a sore throat because i kept screaming my head off today:P thanks!

it burns and stings and it's hard to swallow, and if you look down your throat with a flashlight you see white patches.

step throat can be serious if not treated, so get to a doctor so they can give you antibiotics.

Susan M
It feels like you are swallowing glass when you try to swallow. I also get a slight fever and a headache when I get it.

When i had it my throat hurt so bad, and i started to feel like i couldnt breathe. I also had a fever with it.

It hurts to swallow anything. That's basically the best way to describe it. It starts out by just feeling it in your throat, and then it increases into pain.

You probably have strep throat it's going around:


• ๋●Rαchεl ●๋ •
i get strep throat all the time and it hurts very much. Sawllowing is usually especially painful. So, if your throat hurts badly and it is going around , then you probably do have it, so go to the doctor and they will run a strep test. Then they can give you medicine and pretty soon you will feel much better!

Get well soon!

It hurts BAD....you don't want to swallow....it takes alot of will power to just handle letting a few drops of liquid drip down your throat. Have you ever had a scrape and had it heal to the bandaid? Every swallow feels like a bad scrape being ripped from a bandaid.....just in your throat.

You have a bad sore throat...my doc said one of the tale tale sign of strep is a very sore throat along with a raging headache. He said most of the people who have strep actually complain of a severe headache and then go on to mention a bothersome throat.

Hurts like fury when you swallow. When you press in on the outside of your throat you can feel your swollen glands. Will be accompanied by fever. Get a flashlight and go to the bathroom. Look in the mirror, open your mouth really big and say "AHHHH". Shine the flashlight so you can see your throat. Do you see white spots among the red places? Probably strep. Untreated strep throat can damage your heart valves and cause lots of health problems in years to come. Some people even end up having to have heart valves replaced from the damage caused by untreated strep so if you think you have strep, go see your doctor and get a culture.

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