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 What causes Sars?

 Antibiotic cure for MRSA?
was hospitalized for open wound on foot (between toe) I have been given 3 different antibiotics 1 being clindamycin injection. I have been here for almost 2 weeks. HELP!
Additional Details...

 What are the diseases caused by mosquito bites, and how to prevent those? what are the preventive measures to?

 Can elephants get elephantitis ?
and do chickens get chickenpox ?...

 Does a chlorinated swimming pool kill the staff infection Mersa?
The local public swimming pool had a child there with an open wound of the staff infection Mersa, I'm trying to find out if it is safe for my grandchildren to swim there, and my pregnant ...

 There is a cure for West Nile Virus, right?
There is a cure for West Nile Virus, right? Because my guy friend says he has it and theres no cure, but he lies A LOT!! like 500 times a day, no joke. anyways, pleaaase respond 2 this. i want to ...

 Do you need to have a needle to go to Turkey?
I am going to Turkey at the end of august & my friend says it is not optional - i need an injection against malaria. is this true and it a new rule ?...

 What can you eat when you have diarrhoea?

 Which of the following cause infectious disease?
a) genetic disorders

b) toxic chemicals

c) air pollutions

d) microorganisms

please. i need some help....

 Last night i had mild nausea and today i woke up with a soar throat what should i do what could this be??

 What are symptoms of parasites in humans
I've had a weird abdominal pain that hasnt gone away, its been about 1 month and is interfering with my bowel movements. Ive been to the hospital, but they refuse to do any tests that would rule ...

 Is it safe to give a 4 year old............?
We are going on vacation in 2 weeks. I have just found out that strep throat is going around in the schools. Would it be safe to give my 4 year old son a teaspoon of tylenol once everyday to help ...

 Fever will not go down..what do i do?
i have had a high fever for about 3 days now. i have been taking 2 motrin every 4-6 hours. i get the chills but then i get really hot. is taking a shower bad? i have a sore throat and nausea too....

 If you have a cold NOW, how long have you had it for?
Mine is stopping me doing so much, i have had it around six weeks now!!!...

 What are symptoms of food poisoning?

 My mom is taking interferon treatments for liver failure due to hepatitis C how will she feel?
my mom just recently started treatments of interferon for her hepatitis and cyrosis of the liver, she has been very sick since and we are wondering if this is going to eventually help or cause her ...

 Do you believe humans are viruses?

 Do you think Kissing is Nasty?
Which diseases are spread by kissing and how can you minimize them? Are there any such thing has mouth condoms?
Additional Details
I don't kiss, cause I think it is gross. LOL...

 Are cold sores contagious?

Additional Details
If so, how are they spread?...

 Can mesquitoes carry aids?

How do you make yourself have a fever?

Jonathan R
by getting a virus
when you have a virus your body usually heats up to kill it =]
i watched national geographics and thats what ur body does

I dont know that you can really. You can rig the thermometer to look like you have a temp by putting it on a light bulb or under hot water. but dont make it obscene temp. To make your face feel like you are hot put a hot cloth across it then dry the water.

why do you want the fever?

a real fever = you need to catch it from another person.
a fake one=many ways, one would be use the blow dryer or heat up some water and put ur face close to it.

you stand outside in the cold until you feel weak, lowering your immune system, then find someone with a fever and hang out with them, you'll have a greater chance of catching the fever.

Read a real racy novel. It will only go up to about 99 though and will not last more than an hour.

You must be about 13 years old, not wanting to go to school tomorrow.

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